Charleston police on Wednesday picked up a man wanted by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear in court on a gun charge.

An officer who was on patrol on Johns Island watched as Marty Lee Gladden, 20, of Dunwick Drive, jumped into his girlfriend’s white 2007 Chevy Malibu about 4:30 p.m. on Brownswood Road, an incident report states.

Gladden matched the description of a suspect who ran from an attempted burglary that had just occurred in the nearby Summertrees neighborhood, police said.

Officers pulled the vehicle over and performed a search.

No guns were found on Gladden or in the vehicle, police said. But he was arrested when officers discovered that he was wanted by deputies for failure to appear on a gun possession charge in connection with a 2012 incident.

On June 14, deputies pulled over a vehicle driven by Gladden on Brownswood Road. He appeared nervous, wide eyed and avoided eye contact, deputies noted in a report.

Gladden slipped his hand into a crevice between his seat and the center console when he thought deputies weren’t looking, the report states.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found a small, silver pistol hidden there, according to the report. The gun had seven rounds in the magazine but none in the chamber, deputies said.

Gladden told deputies that he was out of jail on bail for an armed robbery charge from 2011.

In that incident on Aug. 8, a 21-year-old man flagged down police near tennis courts on Bozo Lane about 10:15 p.m. to report that he had been held at gunpoint and robbed.

Gladden and three other Johns Island teenagers were charged in connection with that incident.