Denmark Democratic Rep. Bakari Sellers announced in a news release today that he has been cleared of driving under the influence.

“I am very pleased to have been cleared of all alcohol-related charges from my traffic stop in Chester County last fall,” he said.

Sellers had been charged with driving under the influence after leaving a University of South Carolina football game last year.

Sellers, a 28-year-old attorney, was charged Oct. 7 by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office with first-offense DUI, court records show. The fourth-term lawmaker declined to take a breathalyzer test after being pulled over, he said in February.

Sellers said he was driving to visit family after leaving the USC-University of Georgia game held at Williams-Brice Stadium the evening of Oct. 6.

“As I said that day, I take full responsibility for my actions. I was too tired to drive and I should have made a better choice,” he said. “I apologize and will do my best to set a better example for our youth and to continue to move South Carolina forward.”