Swimmers affiliated with the Charleston Southern Marlins Racing Team and the LTP Swim Club in Mount Pleasant earned 12 first-place awards in the recent Eight and Under Championships held at Westside Park and Aquatic Complex in Greenville.

Ryder Putnam and Paisley Hodges of the Southern Marlins Racing Team and Landon Duffie, who is affiliating with LTP, all had three wins in their age groups.

Putnam, swimming in the 8-year-old class, finished first in the 25-freestyle, 25-backstroke and 25-butterfly. Hodges, swimming in the 7-year-old girls division, took firsts in the 25-freestyle, 25-backstroke and 50-butterfly. Duffie, swimming in the 7-year-old class, took first in the 50-freestyle, 50-backstroke and 100-individual medley.

Eliza Ford of SMRT took first in both the 25-backstroke and 25-breastrokie in the 8-year-old girls. Merritt Zieminick of LTP took a first in the 50-backstroke.

No team scores were kept in the meet.

8 and under results

The following swimmers finished in the top five:

6-under girls: Cecilia Ford, SMRT: 4th 25-free; 3rd 50-free; 3rd 25-back; 2nd 50-back; 3rd 25-breast; 3rd 25-fly. Merritt Zieminick, LTP: 2nd 25-back; 1st 50-back; 2nd 25 breast, 5th 25-fly. Mary Elizabeth Moye, LTP: 4th, 25-back.

7 girls: Paisley Hodges, SMRT: 2nd 25-free; 1st 25-back; 1st 25-breast; 2nd 25-fly; 2nd 50-fly; 1st 100-IM. Caroline Hill, LTP: 5th 25-free, 2nd 25-back; 4th 25-fly; 4th 100-IM. Amber Ward, SMRT: 5th 50-back.

8 girls: Sammy Kraft, LTP: 5th 50-free; 5th 100-free; 4th 25-breast; 4th 25-fly; 3rd 100-IM. Eliza Ford, SMRT: 1st 25-back; 1st 25-breast, 3rd 25-fly; 5th 50-fly; 4th 100-IM. Addison Chretien, LTP: 5th 100-IM. LTP: 3rd 100-free relay; 3rd 100-IM relay (Sammy Kraft, Addison Chretien, Maeve Maher, Quinn Holowczenko). SMRT: 4th 100-IM relay (Amber Ward, Eliza Ford, Paisley Hodges, Emily Ibsen).

6-under boys: Evan Astle, SMRT: 5th 50-free; 4th 25-back.

7 boys: Landon Duffie, LTP: 3rd 25-free; 3rd 50 free; 1st 50-back; 1st 25-fly; 2nd 50-fly; 1st 100-IM.

8 boys: Ryder Putnam, SMRT: 1st 25-free; 1st 25-back; 2nd 50-back; 1st 25-fly. Rhett Andrews, SMRT: 5th 50-free; 4th 25-breast; 4th 50-breast; 3rd 50-fly; 2nd 100-IM. SMRT: 5th 100-free relay (Rhett Andrews, James McKenna, Zane Sechrest, Ryder Putnam).