College of Charleston business students are taking their summer job to another level.

Last summer, Chandler Bolt made $100,000 in sales and was the top earner for Student Painters, a program through Young Entrepreneurs Across America that partners with Sherwin-Williams. Last year, North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey proclaimed April 11 as Lowcountry Student Painters’ Day for “giving students the tools to become America’s next entrepreneurs” and “for responding to the shortage of summer jobs for students.”

This summer, Bolt will manage three College of Charleston students who will operate branches all over the state: Sean Hooper will cover the Rock Hill area; Patrick Gardiner will manage the Myrtle Beach area; and Jacob Jameson will have Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.

Jameson, a senior, is a Greenville native who spent four years in the Navy before enrolling in college. He said he wanted to get involved with Student Painters because his classes have given him the skills he needs to run a business, and he wants to be prepared when he starts his own endeavor after graduation.

“I want to go straight into running my business. With Student Painters, I’ll get experience with hiring, sales, management and time management. Instead of just learning form a textbook, I want to actually do it,” Jameson said.

He said he also looks forward to finding out his weaknesses this summer so he can improve on them before he starts a business.

“The biggest thing is building confidence with young entrepreneurs,” Jameson said. “A lot of people want to start their own business, but it seems like this enormous task that’s really unnerving. It’s hard to take those first steps, and that’s where a lot of people get caught up.”

He added that a benefit to working with Student Painters is the support system he will have.

Jameson will add service work to his Student Painters branch.

“I would like to use our skills and find some opportunities to come into older communities to renovate buildings,” he said.

The managers are hiring their employees and marketing.

“We look for hard work ethic. You can’t really teach that,” Bolt said. “We want someone who wants to learn and is teachable and can take what you give them and apply it in a business.”

Jameson said the first day of production is May 8. The Charleston branch already has 20 appointments scheduled and is booked until June.

Student Painters also stains and pressure washes homes. Go to To schedule an appointment, apply for a job or request volunteer services, call Jameson at 882-5277.

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