Staff report

The 2013 NIKE Palmetto Cup will get underway Wednesday and crown its champion Saturday.

The event is hosted by Brookland-Cayce High School in Cayce. Tournament passes are $19 and individual matches are $5. A limited number of souvenir programs will be on sale for $4.

Tourney sites are The Cage at BCHS and Granby Education Center in Cayce. An alternate site in case of inclement weather will be Northside Middle School in West Columbia.

In addition, all matches from The Cage at the NIKE Palmetto Cup will be streamed live on the internet by Tourbeau Sports Group (TSG) -

This year marks the 21st annual event and features 16 teams, including the past three tournament champions (2012 - Wando, 2011 - Lexington, and 2010 - Bishop England) as well as Tennessee returnees Dobyns-Bennett and Farragut. Nine of the participating clubs are currently ranked in their respective classification:

16 Teams: Bishop England; Brookland-Cayce; Cardinal Newman; Clinton; Clover; Dobyns-Bennett (TN); Farragut (TN); Fort Mill; Gaffney; Lexington; Myrtle Beach; Seneca; South Pointe; Walhalla; Wando; Westwood.

Class AAAA

1. Wando, 8-0

4. Fort Mill, 13-1

10. Lexington, 9-3

Gaffney, 5-4-2

Clover, 4-6-1

South Pointe, 4-6-1

Class AAA

1. Myrtle Beach, 8-1

4. Brookland-Cayce, 7-1

Seneca, 4-2-3

Walhalla, 4-6

Clinton, 1-8

Westwood, 0-7

Class AA

2. Bishop England, 8-1-1


2. Cardinal Newman, 8-4-2

Tennessee 3A

1. Farragut, 6-0

8. Dobyns-Bennett, 6-1-1



10 a.m., Brookland-Cayce vs. Clinton

12 p.m., Cardinal Newman vs. Fort Mill

2 p.m., Myrtle Beach vs. Westwood

4 p.m., Lexington vs. South Pointe

6 p.m., Dobyns-Bennett vs. Wando

8 p.m., Clover vs. Farragut


10 a.m., Wando vs. Cardinal Newman

12 p.m., Gaffney vs. Brookland-Cayce

2 p.m., Lexington vs. Myrtle Beach

4 p.m., Westwood vs. Dobyns-Bennett

5 p.m., South Pointe vs. Seneca (Granby)

6 p.m., Farragut vs. Fort Mill

7 p.m., Walhalla vs. Gaffney (Granby)

8 p.m., Bishop England vs. Clover


10 a.m., Fort Mill vs. Clinton

12 p.m., Walhalla vs. Bishop England

1 p.m., Clover vs. Cardinal Newman (Granby)

2 p.m., Seneca vs. Lexington

3 p.m., Dobyns-Bennett vs. Gaffney (Granby)

4 p.m., Myrtle Beach vs. Farragut

5 p.m., Clinton vs. Westwood (Granby)

6 p.m., Brookland-Cayce vs. Walhalla

7 p.m., Bishop England vs. South Pointe (Granby)

8 p.m., Seneca vs. Wando

SATURDAY, APRIL 6 (9 matches)

9:30 a.m., Semifinals

9:30 a.m., Semifinals (Granby)

11:30 a.m., #13-16

11:30 a.m., #13-16 (Granby)

1 p.m., #9-12

1 p.m., #9-12 (Granby)

2:30 p.m., #5-8

2:30 p.m., #5-8 (Granby)

5 p.m., Cha.m.pionship