Helpful deputy

On March 16 I was traveling on I-26 West with my mom and granddaughter. We had just finished a wonderful, relaxing, birthday lunch at Red Lobster and were heading home to Summerville.

Due to debris on I-26 we ended up stranded on the side of the interstate. I called my husband who called our insurance company for “roadside service.” All they did was text me a phone number to a very rude towing company. I called the number and ended up telling “rudeness” where to go and what road to take. It wasn’t I-26 either.

As I pushed “end” on my phone, I noticed a deputy sheriff’s car backing up. That’s when I met the angel who not only helped us, but also followed me for a few miles to make sure my car was OK.

He was investigator James Mills with the Charleston County Sheriff’s office. It it weren’t for him, we would still be on the side of I-26 waiting on the tow-truck operator with the attitude.

What an asset James Mills is to Sheriff Cannon and the citizens of Charleston.

Cathy Kincer

Crooked Stick Court


Pope prudent

I respectfully disagree with Robert Cox’s March 17 commentary, “Pope should let his conscience be his guide.”

Mr. Cox discusses old allegations that Father Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, was complicit with the brutal military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, basically, because Father Bergoglio never publicly spoke out against that repressive regime while provincial of the Jesuit Order in Argentina.

Mr. Cox concludes, correctly, that this well-known, old allegation does not disqualify Pope Francis from serving as leader for more than 1.2 billion Catholics. But he then qualifies that by adding, “It will, I am sure, remain on his conscience.”

Pope Francis is entitled to a clear conscience for his prudent decision to not publicly denounce this totalitarian military junta.

Jesus Christ proclaimed his kingdom was not of this world, and even a Roman governor saw no evidence that Jesus of Nazareth ever publicly confronted the imperialistic brutality of Rome.

The first pope, Saint Peter, prudently made it his top priority to spread the good news until he, like our Lord and savior, was also crucified.

Pope Peter, bravely, undermined Rome’s paganism, hedonism and lack of moral scruples by spreading the gospel rather than by a theatrical and foolhardy effort to topple an emperor hell-bent on persecuting the Christians it was Pope Peter’s duty to lead.

Similarly, as a priest, bishop and cardinal in Poland, the later to be Pope John Paul II never publicly denounced the oppressive, atheistic and communistic leaders of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

But U.S. President Ronald Reagan noted how in all those lesser roles and during his early papacy, Pope John Paul II made a substantial contribution to changing the attitudes of the Soviets to the point where they became more concerned about making peace than in threatening nuclear annihilation.

I believe that Pope Francis will have the wisdom and prudence to focus first and foremost on evangelizing and preaching, while surrounding himself with clergy and laity dedicated to easing the strain of his other spiritual and temporal responsibilities.

John Nicholas Hayes

Windmill Creek Road


Jenkins portrait

An important bit of information was omitted from the March 15 article in The Post and Courier on the death of artist/musician Merton Simpson.

He was commissioned by the City of Charleston to paint the portrait of the Rev. Daniel Jenkins, and in 1984, this portrait became the first of a black man to hang within the council chambers at City Hall.

Rev. Jenkins remains the only black man represented in the council chamber, where his portrait may be seen today.

Carol Ezell-Gilson

Broad Street


Growing faith

In your recent coverage of the papal election in Rome, reporters kept referring to a church “plagued by ... shrinking membership.” In a March 18 Associated Press article, the reporter described the church as a “dwindling flock.”

Yet if one consults Wikipedia (hardly a Catholic source), one learns that as of December 2011 church membership stood at 1.19 billion, an increase of 11.54 percent over the same month in 2000.

One is left to ask if this is reporters’ wishful thinking or simply sloppy reporting.

Marsha Beach

Pine Hollow Road

Mount Pleasant

Self-inflicted harm

Isn’t it ironic that all of the major Republican candidates running for the 1st Congressional District who chose to reduce their campaigns to vitriolic mudslinging and negativity lost by resounding margins? Do you think there is any possibility they may have learned a valuable lesson?

Bud Hay

Romney Street


Clear message

After reading the article on the visit from the leading atheist Mr. Dawkins, I as a Christian have only one message to him and other atheists:

If I should be wrong I have nothing to lose. If you are wrong you lose everything.

Don Setzer

Palm Cove Drive


The real culprits

A funny thing happened on the way to Columbia recently. I didn’t see a single tree talking on a cell phone or texting or trying to put on make-up or reading the paper or driving above the speed limit.

Wish I could say the same for all the drivers traveling on I-26 that morning.

Kathleen Bounds

Hollybrooke Drive

Moncks Corner