The S.C. House of Representatives voted against expanding Medicaid in South Carolina last week, but that’s not keeping the South Carolina Hospital Association from trying to convince lawmakers that it’s a good idea.

The Association launched an online petition this week called Remedy SC. Members of the public are allowed to sign onto the petition’s website and show their support for expanding Medicaid.

“Recent public polling consistently shows a majority of South Carolinians support extending Medicaid coverage to the 250,000 citizens uninsured living at or near the poverty level,” said Shalama Jackson, a spokeswoman for the association, in a statement. “SCHA hopes the petition campaign will provide a voice to the overwhelming number of voters and business-owners currently overshadowed by political rhetoric.”

AARP, which also supports expansion, released results from a poll earlier this month which showed that 54 percent of 800 adults interviewed in South Carolina agree with expanding the low income health insurance program in South Carolina.

Gov. Nikki Haley, members of her cabinet and many Republican lawmakers at the State House have been vocal against expanding it.

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