Charleston’s Planning Commission will take up a rezoning request for 462 acres of land on Johns Island that would allow for 462 residential units at the intersections of Plow Ground Road and River Road.

In addition, the site would be able to include warehousing space, agricultural lands and room for assisted living.

The property is controlled by the Wooddale Partnership LLC, which is made up of lands controlled by several individuals, including Charleston County Councilman Vic Rawl.

The area is on the airport side of Plowground Road and contains an estimated 321 acres of high ground.

The city’s Planning Department is endorsing the rezoning.

Some locals have expressed concern, saying the rezoning up from the “conservation” label, which allows one residence per one-and-one-half acres, would allow for a more dense and cluttered area in a rural setting.

The meeting is set to begin at 5 p.m. in the city government meeting room at 75 Calhoun St.