Hundreds of residents at Brandywine Townhomes in Goose Creek spent about 40 hours without water Monday and Tuesday due to a break in a water line, according to a resident.

Residents are concerned they may lose water again as the complex continues to work on the problem.

A complex manager refused to answer questions and forced a reporter to leave the property at 202 St. James Ave. today. The manager also told a resident she could not invite a reporter into her apartment to talk. The resident asked not to be identified.

The complex includes several buildings with somewhere around 500 apartments, according to estimates from residents. It was not possible to get an estimate from management.

Fixing water-line breaks is the management’s problem and not the city’s or county’s, according to spokespersons for both the city and the county.

Water was restored early this morning. S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control officials recommended that management advise residents to boil the water before drinking it, which they did, and to test the water for bacteria so residents know when it’s safe to drink.

“We understand that the apartment complex is working as quickly as they can to resolve the issue,” Lindsey Evans with DHEC said in an email today. “We will continue to work with the complex until this issue is resolved.”

Water was cut off at the complex for about 18 hours after a break a few weeks ago, according to residents.