Dorchester District 2’s calendar for 2013-14 will closely mirror its neighboring school districts.

District spokeswoman Pat Raynor said a committee of teachers, administrators, staff and parents consulted with Berkeley County and Dorchester District 4 while coming up with a proposed calendar. Both of those districts already had approved their calendars, and Dorchester 2 unanimously approved its on Monday.

Students in all three districts will return to school Aug. 19. The last day for students in Dorchester 2 and Berkeley will be May 30, 2014, but Dorchester 4 students have a half-day on June 2.

In addition, students in District 2 will return to school from Winter Break on Jan. 6 while the other districts return a day later. District 2 has teacher workdays on Jan. 3 and 13 and the other districts have their only work day that month on Jan. 6.

Charleston County School District is considering four proposals.

Highlights of the District 2 calendar include:

Aug. 13 — Teachers return to school.

Nov. 27-29 — Thanksgiving break.

Dec. 22-Jan. 5 — Winter Break.

April 14-18 —Spring Break.

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