Dorchester District 2’s calendar for 2013-14 will closely mirror its neighboring school districts.

District spokeswoman Pat Raynor said a committee of teachers, administrators, staff and parents consulted with Berkeley County and Dorchester District 4 while coming up with a proposed calendar. Both of those districts have already approved their calendars, and Dorchester 2 unanimously approved theirs Monday.

Charleston County School District is currently considering four proposals.

Students in all three districts will return to school Aug. 19. The last day for students in Dorchester 2 and Berkeley will be May 30, 2014, but Dorchester 4 students have a half day on June 2.

In addition, students in District 2 will return to school from Winter Break on Jan. 6 while the other districts return a day later. District 2 has teacher workdays on Jan. 3 and 13 and the other districts have their only work day that month on Jan. 6.

Other highlights of the District 2 calendar include:

Aug. 13 — Teachers return to school.

Nov. 27-29 — Thanksgiving break.

Dec. 22-Jan. 5 - Winter Break.

April 14-18 - Spring Break.

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