Carnes Crossroads, the revived mixed-use development on a 4,300-acre site at U.S. highways 176 and 17A in Goose Creek, is in sales mode.

Officials recently announced Carnes Crossroads Real Estate, the residential sales company responsible for all new home sales, has hired its first sales and administrative staff.

This marks the latest progress for the massive Berkely County project that is now taking shape with streetscaping and construction of the first single-story homes, starting at $230,000, in St. Thomas Park, the community’s first neighborhood, officials said.

Construction crews recently completed a residential home at 513 Wodin Place, which serves as the information center for the development.

Carnes Crossroads has been in the works since 2006. Plans have included as many as 6,000 homes and several million square feet of commercial space to set up shop over a two-decade span.

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