Real estate transactions for Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties

  • Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 21-Feb. 1.


Gregory A. and Garland E. Moore sold 106 East Bay St. to Gerald C. and Suzanne Marterer for $2.2 million.

Ziad and Michella Nahas sold 171 Mary Ellen Drive to Elizabeth D. and Edward L. Reynolds for $565,000.

Black Perl SI LLC sold 4 Parkwood Ave. to Sarah E. Gwaltney for $310,000.

Randy S. Haig sold Unit 26, 47 Morris St. to Pammer LLC for $425,000.

John J. Freeman sold Unit C, 38 Ashley Ave. to Paul R. and Sherry G. Keefer for $500,000.

1808 West Morehead Associates LLC sold Unit B, 28 Cannon St. to Adam Burnetta for $365,000.

API-Charleston LLC sold Unit P 2, 85 Cumberland St. to Belinda L. Messer Smith and John G. Hodgson for $442,000.

REO Solutions LLC sold 15 Smith Place to Josephine McCaw Lyles for $485,000.

Thomas Huguenin Gaillard sold 46 Society St. to M. David Moore and Darren L. Whatley for $831,000.

Joseph W. McGowan IV sold 48 Alberta Ave. to Brian J. and Halle H. Kern for $450,000.

Nancy Flynn sold 65 Legare St. to John H. and Susan Neely for $1.9 million.

Folly Beach

Katherine C. Lundy sold 1124 East Cooper Ave. to Christin C. Richardson for $290,000.

Ray and Burnetta Schrecker sold 611 West Beach Court to Ann M. Hail for $620,000.

Christopher and Kelley Howes sold 810 East Ashley Ave. to Peter and Veronica Goodrich for $535,000.


JMH at Deerfield LLC sold 4937 Wapiti Way to Brandy Bright and David Kinloch for $185,353.

Isle of Palms

Gladden Construction LLC sold 3510 Hartnett Blvd. to Stephen W. and Leslie Orville for $930,000.

William A. and Beverly T. Russo sold Unit A 210, 5804 Palmetto Drive to Todd and Leslie Kimmelman for $225,000.

Duff Meyercord sold 24 42nd Ave. to Jonathan P. and Bridget R. Bushnell for $400,000.

James Island

Karen A. Hoad sold 1101 Wayfarer Lane to Lee R. and Celeste G. Whaley for $260,000.

John R. and Elizabeth F. Marshall sold 1501 Swamp Fox Lane to Melinda H. Cardell for $230,000.

Daniel R. Moore sold 2053 Wappoo Drive to Joseph Adams Adair for $237,900.

Corey B. and Teresita V. Hutcheson sold 817 Duck Hawk Retreat to Mary C.A. and Richard Long for $376,500.

Marcy B. Bolster and John A. Dimuzio sold 931 Compass Point to Joseph B. and Luann L. Finkelstein for $605,000.

Palmetto Home Investments LLC sold Unit A 304, 1984 Folly Road to Timothy J. Czerwinski for $159,900.

Andrew M. Knowlton sold 15 Wyecreek Ave. to Marie-France Fauvelle for $164,000.

Terry Rexroad sold 857 Mikell Drive to Matthew Johnson and Carl Johnson for $215,200.

New Leaf at Eaglewood LLC sold 908 Vista Perch Lane to Patrick Ryan and Ashley Poole Broderick for $295,490.

Johns Island

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 2907 Waterleaf Road to Patricia L. Russell for $237,000.

Formosa Jack LP sold 2953 Plow Ground Road to Brodie E. and Kendall S. McKoy for $160,000.

Thomas C. and Alison P. Schneider sold 3033 Marsh Haven Road, to Marshlea LLC for $1.7 million.

Edward W. Weekley Jr. sold 417 Brent St. to Shannon Morgan for $180,000.

GG103 LLC sold 528 Two Mile Run to William M. Shipstedt Jr. and Elizabeth E. Shipstedt for $429,900.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 1274 Segar St. to Michael J. and Renee C. Mulholland for $283,650.

D&M Development Group LLC sold 1526 Thoroughbred Blvd. to Leigh Anne Williams for $176,000.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1744 Bee Balm Road to Chris S. and Meagan O. Hostetler for $203,282.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1760 Bee Balm Road to Craig F. and Patricia L. Mueller for $205,529.

Dorothy Handley Tansey sold 2405 Cat Tail Pond Road to Mary J. McDougall for $630,000.

Steven G. Gregg and Jennifer L. Garr sold 3110 Mayfair Lane to Scott P. and Lisa D. Garanflo for $387,000.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1756 Bee Balm Road to Dennis E. and Lisa D. Collins for $212,136.

Kiawah Island

Ronald C. and Valerie T. Hunter sold 102 Surfscoter Lane to Brian and Mary Polcari for $595,000.

Joan K. Parker sold 2 Surfsong Road to Talbott Land Co. Inc. for $700,000.

Cornelius J. and Christine H. Baasten sold 4951 Green Dolphin Way to Dennis L. and Paulette M. Pipher for $575,000.


Palmetto Home Investments LLC sold 407 West Broad St. to Adriene A. and Perry Dixon for $215,000.


Ladson Fraser and Roberta P. McCutchen Jr. sold 10033 South Carolina Road to Felicia J. Sanders and Larry Wood for $260,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

John L. Grady sold 1141 Ambling Way to Fiddler Cay Properties LLC for $210,000.

William Alan Grech sold 1180 Willoughby Lane to Jamie Rae Davis for $261,900.

Vonda L. Freeman sold 1311 Belhaven Drive to Steven M. and Christine E. Nagorzanski for $299,000.

Mark A. and Janet L. Allen sold 1326 Chrismill Lane to Lee Lovett Allison for $500,000.

Scott Creek Investments LLC sold 1344 Scott’s Creek Circle to Pulte Home Corp. for $150,000.

Scott Creek Investments LLC sold 1353 Scott’s Creek Circle to Pulte Home Corp. for $150,000.

Declan Finnerty sold 1402 Hopeman Lane to William L. and Rita A. Jones for $242,500.

Lisa J. Smith sold 1445 Appling Drive to Susan E. and Jack E. Cox for $454,000.

Kayren M. and Phillip E. Evans sold 1833 Wellstead St. to William A. Grech and Meghan R. Zarrillo for $480,000.

Gail S. and Randall K. Craven sold 207 Long Grove Drive to Peter F. and Betty M. Alford for $340,000.

Gilmore P. Hudson Jr. and Christine C. Hudson sold 2133 Beckenham Drive to Ronald and Suzan Heiber for $587,000.

Thomas A. and Wilma D. Schmidt sold 2849 Parkers Landing Road to Brett and Kristin Welborn for $398,000.

Robert J. and Carol L. Armstrong sold 2940 Treadwell St. to Margaret M. and Andrew J. Sorano for $185,000.

Union Properties LLC sold 2968 Bobo Road to Albert A. Lacour IV and Meredith E.I. Lacour for $155,000.

Frances W. Bramlett sold 320 Venning St. to David T. and Elizabeth C. Newman for $730,000.

Carl D. Scillia sold 3352 Billings St. to Charles and Joann Schamanski for $188,000.

John Martin Kratz Jr. sold 548 Castle Hall Road to William R. and Elizabeth F. King for $264,000.

William C. Dobbins III sold 816 Natchez Circle to Frances W. Bramlett for $295,000.

Daniel O. Myers and Bethany A. Thies sold 94 North Shelmore Blvd. to Bea H. Smith for $500,000.

Jonathan and Brenda Dunn sold Unit 51, 255 Fair Sailing Road to Howard D. Stitt for $290,000.

J. Ronald Terwilliger sold Unit B1, 672 Long Point Road to Ronald and Melissa Grilli for $177,500.

Richard S. Wentworth sold 1109 Ocean Breeze Court to Terry M. and Mary K. Kennedy for $236,850.

Bertram H. Ballam II and Mary Kathleen Ballam sold 1117 Meadowcroft Lane to Chelsea McCord for $305,000.

Roberta M. Welsh sold 1201 Manor Lane to Linda D. Morrison for $165,000.

Robert L. Moody sold 1215 Decoy Court to Justin W. Holsonback for $190,000.

Henrietta Y. Kennerly sold 1219 Manor Lane to John D. and Lisa M. Jones for $450,000.

Ann C. Lyles and Michael J. Carswell sold 1317 Penny Circle to Claire K. MacKinnon for $213,000.

Rebecca Ann Crichton sold 1445 Clancy Road to Edward and Nancy J. Peyser for $390,000.

Katherine Gallman sold 1458 Waterway Court to Joanne B. Osbon for $245,000.

Sharon P. Penny sold 1501 Trumpet Vine Court to Arnaldo R. and Solange S. Bassaco for $359,000.

John Carey sold 2128 Short Grass Court to Donald J. and Doreen H. Tylinski for $487,500.

William Stanley and Kathryn Alycia Dinkins sold 2266 North Marsh Drive to Michael P. and Jennifer M. Barnhouse for $375,000.

Charles W. Mayer Jr. and Greer B. Mayer sold 299 Triton Court to William Charles Brewer for $192,000.

Elizabeth Sherer Spivey sold 33 Frogmore Road to H. Christopher and Marilyn M. Colen for $560,000.

Michael R. Shepard sold 351 Cooper River Drive to Robert and Karen Rhett for $760,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 3601 Locklear Lane to Stephen A. and Allison D. Lawrence for $243,895.

JW Homes LLC sold 4058 Blackmoor St. to Dudley M. Poppens and Gretchen C. Murphy for $618,770.

Thomas K. and Julia D. Gore sold 590 Heron Pointe Blvd. to Gregory B. and Diane M. Saylors for $520,000.

Quincy I. Shiver sold 83 Secession St. to William Clare Jr. and Michelle S. Bens for $887,500.

Joseph A. and Catherine D. Broom sold 914 Mccants Drive to Margaret N. Crane for $215,000.

Louise H. Wood sold 917 Trowman Lane to George C. Green IV and Gina B. Greene for $369,000.

C. Murry Thompson Jr. and Christine C. Thompson sold 949 Shetland Court to Jeffrey W. and Rita J. Meyers for $630,000.

North Charleston

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 2965 Nantuckett Ave. to George L. Torres for $184,960.

Edie E. and Florence H. Carson sold 5022 Parkside Drive to Michael R. Corneau for $158,000.

Jonathan D. McClellan sold 5225 Parkside Drive to William Patrick Kirchner for $232,500.

Seabrook Island

Michael E. Dougherty sold 3059 Marsh Gate Drive to Black Dog Coastal Property LLC for $1.4 million.

Randolph R. and Rebecca B. Johnson sold 2835 Old Drake Drive to Michael C. Kistner for $375,000.

Edwin J. Thornhill Jr. and Martha W. Thornhill sold 3734 Amberjack Court to Esta Ross Wernikoff for $650,000.

Sullivan’s Island

Everett A. Knight Jr. sold 3310 Jasper Blvd. to Lisa Decker Pollner for $2 million.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 607 Wynfield Forest to Carole A. Hess for $197,230.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

You Hao Lin sold 421 Bay Creek Drive to Michael R. and Melody A. Nelson for $240,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1565 Seabago Drive to Jessica M. and Christopher A. Helms for $229,640.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1566 Seabago Drive to Kristen H. and Christopher M. Allen for $205,855.

Paula Garrett sold 2306 Chairmaker Court to Matterson L. and Rebecca M. Davis for $175,000.

Julio R. Lain Jr. sold 27 Shrewsbury Road to Charles D. and Teresa B. Cunliffe for $240,000.

Albert A. Lacour III and Laura L. Lacour sold 89 Blairmore Drive to Robert E. and Deborah L. Hammel for $250,000.

David L. Hanisch Jr. and Jane B. Hanisch sold 924 Hunt Club Run to Morris W. Reid III and Jill H. Reid for $289,000.

Ernest P. Whitmore sold Unit 102, 498 Ashley Landing Drive to Patricia S. Stanley for $259,800.

Beatrice B. Solow sold 114 Chadwick Drive to Phillip Edles and Christina Mikolajelk Edles for $275,000.

Hayden L. and Stacy Jennings sold 1251 Sunset Drive to Ronnie Louie Elrod for $165,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1561 Seabago Drive to Robert E. Dyer Jr. and Marie F. Dyer for $195,465.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1570 Seabago Drive to Sabrina D. Evans Holloway and Gary Edward Michael Holloway for $228,805.

Christopher G. and Melanie M. Coogan sold 1626 Pepperwood Court to Daniel Anthony and Erin M. Marchesseault for $287,000.

Tim and Rachel Marsh sold 1633 Cristalino Circle to Peter Stambler for $169,000.

Jason D. and Jennifer S. Goins sold 1801 Huntington Drive to Michael R. and Gayle A. Ratcliffe for $288,000.

Centex Homes sold 1856 Gammon St. to Jonathan and Karen Elaine Young for $281,340.

Barton L. and Ashley S. Corley sold 2129 Vespers Drive to Steve Kenneth Metts and Jade Diana Metts for $151,166.

Justin Natale sold 25 Huguenot Ave. to Michelle Y. Diminich for $283,000.

Manorhouse Builders of SC LLC sold 4128 Veritas St. to Serena Colucci for $159,565.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 21-Feb.1.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 483 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Todd Hirshman and Diana Michalic for $339,842.

Centex Homes sold 1169 Euclid Drive, Cain Crossing to William Scott Thompson for $165,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 478 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Brian E. and Lori H. Franko for $314,345.

Daniel Island

William and Ellen McCarthy sold 841 Center Park St., Daniel Island Center Park Townhouses to Peter Costa and Caitlin Stein for $335,000.

Bart J. and Jay C. Delia sold 1810 Pierce St., Daniel Island Townhouses to Thomas E. and Christine M. Hudson for $450,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2497 Daniel Island Drive, Old Landing at Smythe Park to Edgar and Linda Martinez for $620,750.

Goose Creek

David C. and Opal L. Lord sold 147 Fox Chase Drive, Crowfield to William J. Carten for $168,000.

Gregory S. Allen sold 101 Sturges Court, Crowfield to Joseph L. Gaunce for $155,000.

Lawrence E. and Glenda K. Nanna sold 118 Ashley Hill Drive, Hamlets to Robin Lynn and Edmond Charles Leightner for $292,000.

Dan Ryan Builders SC LLC sold 460 Delmont Drive, Montague Plantation to Evan M. and Audry L. Barnard for $242,682.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 531 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to Nichole E. Wise for $264,399.

The Ryland Group LLC sold 516 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to Daniel R. and Lisa J. Demott for $299,000.

Zella G. and Kathleen Jo Benson sold 208 Candleberry Circle, Planters Walk to Deborah Faye Mims and Edward Deal for $150,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 108 Firethorn Drive, Liberty Village to Michael P. Rudman and Diana C. Brietic for $240,945.


Daniel A. Demaggio sold 7226 Harrier Drive, Tanner Plantation to Megan McLendon and David J. Jones for $245,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 1932 Wild Indigo Way, Tanner Plantation to Brandi Andrews Talacko for $290,245.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 8009 Seastar Lane, Tanner Plantation to Alexander Cumbee and Danielle Polley for $291,220.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8007 Indian Hill Drive, Tanner Plantation to Manuel N. Tiggs for $307,817.

Moncks Corner

Barbara and Gary A. Rogers sold 1301 British Drive, Pimlico to Jason L. Reinke for $242,000.

Christa M. Dunn sold 1107 Ole South Court, Stony Landing to John F. Tregaskis for $307,500.

Doreen D. Baker sold 1202 British Drive, Pimlico to Susan Lehr for $215,000.

HHHunt Homes Charleston LLC sold 222 Topsaw Lane, Foxbank to Robert L. Burnett for $162,507.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development sold 142 Graveyard Lane, Macedonia to Shane A. Soldinger for $195,000.

Bank of America sold 117 Kimberton Ave., Foxbank to Grant E. and Jennifer R. Gardow for $150,000.

First Barony LLC sold 322 Drayton Place Drive, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Mary and Victor Wright for $185,000.

First Barony LLC sold 168 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to David M. Holladay for $161,720.

First Barony LLC sold 186 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Randall A. Brown and Jennifer A. Oblinger for $177,393.

First Barony LLC sold 165 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Eric Lamar Hunley and Gabrille Latekqua Hunley for $1.2 million.

Victoria Maxwell sold 2014 Rock Fish Road, Pimlico to Jonathan W. Perrine for $225,000.


Pulte Home Corp. sold 507 Sea Foam St., Cane Bay to Kevin J. and Wanda J. Siko for $178,165.

Centex Homes sold 507 Cinder Court, Cane Bay to Evelyn S. and James S. Thomas for $214,920.

Centex Homes sold 121 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Anthony Jenkins for $274,740.

D.R. Horton Inc. sold 246 Pemberly Blvd., Carriage Lane to Rudolph and Nashaunda L. Dupree for $258,900.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 311 Spyglass Drive, Cane Bay to William H. and Candace P. Lister for $334,240.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Jan. 21-Feb.1.


Matthew M. Thomas sold 239 Towering Pine Drive, Summerhaven to Bradley A. Stevenson for $150,000.

Terence and Elizabeth McGrory sold 117 Sweet Alyssum Drive, Summer Park to Priyanka Bakhru Greene for $220,000.

Centex Homes sold 9648 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to Nathan M. Lehmann for $183,825.

Centex Homes sold 9707 Tackle St., McKewn Plantation to John R. Eady for $202,303.

Three Pines Developers LLC sold 231 Withers Lane, Bellewood to Charles Joseph A. and Kali K. Goins for $210,783.

Darcy and Rochelle A. Bennett sold 176 Education Blvd., Eagle Run to Melissa D. Cooke for $174,000.

North Charleston

Terry J. and Katherine E. Hensley sold 8617 Refuge Point Circle, Refuge at Whitehall to James B. Hadley and Donna Buckler for $510,000.

Curtis L. and Jennifer K. Stuffer sold 4209 Meadowbrook Court, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Karen B. Hauschild for $352,500.

James B. Hadley sold 5408 Nesting Place, Refuge at Whitehall to Angel M. and Vianna B. Berrios for $345,000.

John W. Andre sold 6008 Mansfield Blvd., Bakers Landing to Bruce D. and Carol A. Schmitz for $375,000.

Ashley River Town Homes LLC sold 8381 Spring Farm Gate, Summers Bend on the Ashley to J. Darryl Reyna for $163,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 5407 Overland Trail, Taylor Plantation to Stephen A. and Kristi L. McIntire for $218,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 5413 Overland Trail, Taylor Plantation to Paul G. and Catherine D. Martin for $248,392.

Richard Jackson sold 8644 Laurel Grove Lane, Whitehall to Kimberley A. Winslow for $205,000.

Susan S. and Steven Gardner sold 4002 Key Thatch Court, Indigo Palms to Bryan C. Davis for $271,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 8515 Marsh Overlook, Taylor Plantation to Timothy J. Houghtaling for $291,914.

St. George

Plum Creek Timberlands LP sold 375 Stokes Bridge Road to Todd Muckenfuss for $408,000.


Jamey A. and Katrina P. Meekins sold 308 Foxglove Ave., White Gables to Margaret C. Gramling for $158,000.

John T. and Rosa B. Otero Creech sold 107 Old Postern Road, Parsons Road to Annaliza E. and Todd E. Johnson for $335,000.

Justin T. and Samantha M. Moyer sold 9660 South Carousel Circle, Pine Valley Village to Bradford J. and Nicole C. King for $202,000.

Kenneth Wayne and Maureen M. Jons sold 135 Venice St., Brookwood to Ronald Lee Reaves for $164,900.

Myers Mill LLC sold 5043 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Holly A. and Stephen Rogers for $186,480.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1702 Diving Duck Lane, Drakesborough to Andre D. Boulware for $177,175.

Myers Mill LLC sold 1230 Cosmos Road, Myers Mill to Jose D. and Ivette Sierra for $189,905.

MLJ LLC sold 1019 Victoria Pointe Lane to Nicole Krahn Sherwood for $205,774.

Kathy Hall sold 513 Fairington Drive, Kings Grant to Steven and Stacy Fralix for $159,900.

David H. and Robin A. Broyles sold 108 Endicott St., Ashborough West to Philip and Melinda Driggers for $200,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1703 Diving Duck Lane, Drakesborough to Ryan J. Bragg and Lindsey A. Severson for $170,565.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 1205 Cosmos Road, Myers Mill to Stephanie Polk Brostin for $174,810.

James A. and Jessica H. Rogers sold 1406 Edmund Court, Myers Mill to Jonathan and Megan Everett for $182,500.

MLJ LLC sold 7009 Kingsley Vale Court, Victoria Pointe to Jonathan D. and Courtney D. Cooper for $229,271.

MLJ LLC sold 2001 Jubilee Crescent Court, Victoria Pointe to Bryant J. and Amy D. Sheppard for $219,000.

Nancy P. Langley sold 1116 Central Ave., Millwood to James P. and Andrea Doherty for $153,500.

Paul D. Schroeder sold 117 Thousand Oaks Court, Bridges of Summerville to Jesse C. Breedlove for $249,900.

Rorer L. Smith and Tammy L. McLawhorn sold 52 Regency Oaks Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Philip M. Clark for $211,000.

Steven F. Sellers sold 2005 Asher Loop, Legend Oaks Plantation to Tricia E. Fugate for $187,000.

Teresa B. Woodall sold 108 Partridge Circle, Quail Arbor to Richard A. and Patsy M. Adams for $150,000.

The Ryland Group LLC sold 7007 Kingsley Vale Court, Victoria Pointe to Mark D. and Sarah E. Madgwick for $252,300.

Wilber G. and Rhonda E. Kessinger sold 292 Hundred Oaks Parkway, The Ponds to Charles T. Jenkins for $372,000.

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