Road rage led to shots being fired in Moncks Corner, one man told officers.

Moncks Corner police are searching for a man accused of firing an AK-47 at the home of a driver who nearly struck his vehicle, according to an incident report.

Curtis Tywon Mitchell, 34, of Bayonet Drive in Summerville, is wanted on charges of discharging a firearm into a dwelling and pointing a firearm at a person, the report states.

A 22-year-old Moncks Corner man told police Sunday that he was headed to his sister-in-law’s home on Allen Richard Court when he nearly struck a Chevrolet Caprice in the Cedar Grove subdivision.

He got out of his car to apologize, he told police, but the other vehicle’s driver pointed an AK-47 at him and threatened to fire. The armed man chased him to his sister-in-law’s home and wouldn’t leave without a fight, he reported.

The threatened man ran inside the home. He heard a woman yelling outside for the gunman to put the weapon away, the report states.

He ran back outside to get to his car and scuffled with the gunman before driving to his home on Bradley Road, the report states.

A dark blue Ford F150 truck later appeared on Bradley Road, the report states.

The attacked man told police he quickly realized that the truck’s driver was the same man who threatened to shoot him.

The gunman got out of the truck, fired several shots toward the home, then left, the report says.

The attacked man picked out Mitchell as the shooter in a photo lineup, the report states.

The Chevrolet Caprice and Ford F150 are registered in Mitchell’s girlfriend’s name, police said.

In a phone call with police, Mitchell denied being involved in the shooting, the report states.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.