Of all the places for it to happen, why in front of a college?

Why in front of a place where misspelled words are erased and corrected as fast as professors spot them?

Here’s the scenario: Going north on Rivers Avenue, drivers are alerted of an upcoming intersection with Mabelene Road.

Then, they approach the intersection with Maybeline Road, as announced on a large overhead sign.

If they aren’t too addled to do so, they follow Trident Technical College’s directions to its Complex for Industrial and Economic Development and turn right onto Mabeline Road as labeled on a street sign.

Mabelene. Maybeline. Mabeline. Which is the correct spelling?

Chuck Berry says it’s Maybellene. And the UniversalMap in The Post and Courier’s newsroom says it’s Mabeline. That’s the spelling TTC uses, so we’ll go with that.

But really, Mabelene/Maybeline, why can’t you be true too?