Eutawville police on Friday arrested a Summerville woman who they said appeared to eat drugs found in her car at a driver’s license checkpoint.

A grey Buick approached a checkpoint conducted by several Eutawville officers about 8 p.m. Friday, an incident report states.

A driver’s license identified the woman behind the wheel as Shantia Shalar Simmons, 26, of West 4th North Street in Summerville, according to the report.

The vehicle contained three passengers, two children and a man, police said.

Police noticed a bag filled with marijuana sitting on the vehicle’s center console, the report states.

Police told Simmons to put the vehicle in park. Instead, they said she turned her back toward them and tried to hide the bag.

Then, Simmons reached into her pockets, ignoring commands to show her hands, the report states.

Police struggled to remove Simmons from the car and she resisted as officers placed her in handcuffs, police said.

Officers positioned her against the vehicle’s trunk to control her, the report states.

Simmons appeared to be chewing on something as she was bent over the trunk, according to the report. Officers told her to spit the object out, but she swallowed and yelled that she wasn’t eating anything, the report states.

Police found 30.9 grams of marijuana, 3.9 grams of cocaine and $700 in cash in a search of Simmons and the vehicle, the report states.

Police said they believed Simmons ingested some of the drugs. She was taken to Regional Medical Center for observation before being held at the Orangeburg County jail.

She was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and resisting arrest, according to the report.

Passenger Steward Frasier 32, of Gould Road in Pineville, was also charged with possession of cocaine, the report states.

The two children were handed over to Simmons’ mother-in-law, the report states.