SULLIVAN’S ISLAND — A newly-designed military vehicle will be tested here, officials said.

The workout in coastal waters is part of an evaluation process for the vehicle, said Tommy Pruitt, a spokesman for defense contractor General Dynamics Land Systems.

“We’re not offering a lot of details about the vehicle. We can only say it’s a military vehicle. Part of the testing will be done in the community,” Pruitt said.

The testing will happen between March 4 and April 20. Specific dates and locations were not available, Pruitt said.

The vehicle was not made here, he said.

Town Council has OK’d the activity.

“They have not indicated exactly where they are going to do the testing,” said Councilman Jerry Kaynard.

It will be conducted safely in a secure area, he said.

“Council felt it was an appropriate activity,” he said.

The company did not say why it chose the island. The vehicle moves on land and water, he said.

“We were really trying to accommodate a local company,” he said Wednesday.

The company briefed Council on the project Tuesday night.

Testing and evaluation of the vehicle is being done prior to delivery, Pruitt said.

Kaynard said the military transport vehicle tests would happen in ocean waters and at a boat landing site.

“We don’t know much about the vehicle,” he said.