With gas prices climbing for 32 straight days to a four-month high, Bi-Lo is adding more grocery items as part of its fuelperks! rewards program.

The expanded program includes hundreds of additional grocery items that will help the grocery chain’s BonusCard customers rack up from 5 to 50 cents per gallon per item, the Mauldin-based grocer announced today.

The fuelperks! program works like this: For every $50 in qualified purchases a shopper spends at Bi-Lo, they receive a 5-cents-per-gallon reward applied to their Bi-Lo BonusCard that can be used at the pump to reduce the price of gas.

With the expanded benefits, a customer, for instance, who spends $50 on groceries in one trip automatically earns 5 cents per gallon with the standard fuelperks! rewards offer. If the customer, within their $50 total, also purchased two bonus rewards items worth 5 cents and two bonus reward items at 10 cents per gallon, then the potential fuelperks! rewards from this trip could equal 35 cents — not 5 cents — per gallon off their next fuel purchase at participating gas stations.