DIE EASY. By Zoe Sharp. Pegasus Crime. 336 pages. $25.

In her latest thriller, Zoe Sharp throws her characters into fast-paced action in the first five pages, barely allowing them, or the reader, to catch a breath before launching into another scene. This would make a good movie.

Imagine looking down the barrel of a gun held by the man you love who does not remember the past you shared together. Or coming face to face with one of the men who gang raped you. That is the status of Charlie Fox’s life.

To make matters worse, she is working with her former lover, Sean Meyer, as a personal protection agent.

This story takes place in Louisiana, and the pair becomes involved in a war that weaves past old enemies and new foes. Hidden political secrets are revealed, and nothing is as it seems.

Along the way, it appears that part of the mystery has something to do with Sean. As bits and pieces of his memory return, he begins to realize some of the tragic events that occurred in his life with Charlie, making their current working relationship froth with tension, anger and confusion.

When the man they are protecting is attacked, Charlie feels that she is fighting alone because she cannot fully trust Sean. They are no longer working together as a seasoned team. Although she is one of the best agents in the business, her safety is at risk, which also puts her client in danger.

As the story unfolds, Charlie’s strength, determination and skill are highlighted. It is doubtful that her life will ever be the same, with or without Sean.

Reviewer Doretha Walker is an adjunct professor at the College of Charleston and South University, athlete, author and philanthropist.