Tax increases

Recent articles concerning the tax increase proposed by Mayor Joe Riley have irked me. His plan proposes that homeowners pay $35 extra a year on a house valued at $250,000.

He explained that the money would go to keeping children safe and ensure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook will not happen here.

I agree that law enforcement should be placed in elementary schools, and I like the plan to have a rotation. What I do not like is putting things like building two new fire stations, buying four more trucks and hiring 45 more fireman on the same tax increase.

These other additions to the tax increase should be on separate proposed increases and allow the increase for the police in schools to stand alone.

Another main concern is the fact that homeowners are footing the bill on the tax increase and non-homeowners who also have children in schools do not have to pay a penny.

Why should homeowners have to pay the tax and non-homeowners not?

There has to be a more efficient way to charge all parents who have children in schools. Why are these new tax increases being brought to our attention now when a new budget was passed three weeks ago?

Mayor Riley wants to throw other taxes onto a tax increase centered on student safety in schools, but the officers in schools portion needs to stand alone.

Harry E. Griffin

Chapin Landings Road


Shrink districts

Did anyone notice the chart in the Feb. 10 edition referencing school performance? While it was used to explain performance in “forgotten” counties, the glaring truth of the information is what caught my eye.

Six of Spartanburg’s seven school districts ranked among the top 24 highest performing. If this does not speak to a reason to break up the monopoly holding our future leaders back, then I quit.

A single school district covering over 1,300 square miles has no chance to give our children the tools necessary to succeed; there simply are too many variables with such an expanse of territory.

As a parent with children in the Charleston school district I see confusion and irregularities at almost all schools and district meetings; as a product of Spartanburg District 3, I can vouch for the superior oversight.

Supervising hundreds of students and faculty versus thousands speaks for itself and needs explaining only to those who do not wish to relinquish authority.

If parents and educators want real control over their children’s educations, smaller school districts are a must. To implement such a change leadership is necessary. I doubt anyone at 75 Calhoun Street has the fortitude to propose such a bold move, but in this case I hope to be proven incorrect.

Doug Barr

Harrill Court

James Island

Gun control

To those who believe the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, does this right apply to Alice Boland, who recently was charged with attempting to shoot people outside a school here?

To those who believe there should be some sort of gun control but not a national registry of convicted felons and the mentally ill, as Alice Boland so clearly is, do you really believe members of either group would voluntarily declare this information when attempting to purchase a firearm?

The right to keep and bear arms has a long history. But those of you who belong to the NRA must by now realize we live in a world where access to guns is much too easy.

If you are a member of the NRA and also a parent of one of the children at Ashley Hall, or a parent of any child in any school, I hope you will reconsider your position on gun control. Even more I hope you will work to make other members of the NRA understand the dangers.

The parents in Newtown know this. I hope you never have to find out as they did.

Pat Roberts

East Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach

Vegas shooting

When you hear Las Vegas anyone would think of gambling, flappers and drinking. But every town has dark secrets, and Jeremy Miller (18) met those Feb. 6 when he was shot.

Jeremy moved to Las Vegas about a year ago after living in Charleston for a few years.

He is one of three victims who were shot, and he is paralyzed as a result.

I know Jeremy and his family would love to know that Charleston is cheering him on to recovery.

Just because you’re across the United States doesn’t mean you’re far away from home.

Sydney DeNett

Age 17

Farm Quarter Road

Mount Pleasant

Media all wet

Leave it to the liberal media to focus on a thirsty man drinking water while our country goes down the drain.

How about focusing on something a little more important, like the threat to our constitutional rights?

Danny Dantzler

E. Main Street