Two teens were jailed Tuesday after a school bus driver reported that students were smoking marijuana on the bus.

Errol Chisolm Jr., of Dorchester Road, and Rashawn Bradley, of Houston Street, both 17, were charged with interference with the operation of a school bus in connection with the incident, Charleston County sheriff’s Maj. Jim Brady said.

Deputies responded to Sam Rittenberg Boulevard after a bus driver reported that two students were smoking marijuana, Brady said.

The bus driver directed deputies to the back of the bus. Deputies attempted to speak with Chisolm, but they said the teen became agitated when questioned.

Chisolm began yelling and cursing at deputies, prompting other students to join in on what Brady said was becoming a hostile environment.

Chisolm resisted as deputies escorted him off of the bus, Brady said.

The bus driver yelled for deputies to come back on the bus when a second student, Bradley, also caused a disturbance, Brady said.

Deputies searched the bus, but Brady said no drugs were found. The investigation is ongoing, he said.

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