Alice Boland purchased the gun that the police say she used during Monday’s incident at Ashley Hall from a gun shop in Walterboro, according to a report released in its entirety this morning.

Officers also found 111 rounds of ammunition in the Beaufort woman’s vehicle after she showed up at the downtown Charleston facility and pointed the .22-caliber Taurus PT22 at school officials, according to the report. She pulled the trigger, the police said, but the gun didn’t fire. No round was in the chamber.

The Charleston Police Department released the full report after it said that Boland would not immediately face federal charges. Earlier this week, the police had redacted information from the report and declined to release it to The Post and Courier until the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives verified it.

The 28-year-old faces charges of attempted murder, pointing a firearm and other state weapons violations. She remains jailed in lieu of a $900,000 bond.

Boland has a history of mental illness and was ordered to a federal prison facility that tends to female mental patients after an arrest in 2005 on charges of threatening President George W. Bush’s life.

A federal questionnaire that she would have been required to complete before buying the firearm at the Walterboro Gun Shop on South Jefferies Boulevard asks whether the purchaser had ever been involuntarily committed to an institution.

It’s still unknown how Boland answered the question, but police spokesman Charles Francis has said repeatedly that she had bought the gun legally.

After the incident Monday, the police found Boland’s sport-utility vehicle parked outside what she said was her former psychiatrist’s office. Inside, officers found a business card for the gun shop, a receipt for the gun, the federal transaction record and three boxes of .22-caliber long rifle ammunition.

Two of the boxes were full to their full 40-round capacities. But nine rounds were missing from one of the boxes.

The police said the handgun was loaded with eight rounds in the magazine, but no ninth round was found in its chamber.

It’s unclear what happened to that lone round or whether Boland had ever fired the gun, which she bought days before the encounter in Charleston.

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