An accreditation committee was touring Dorchester District 2 schools on Tuesday when rumors started swirling throughout the community of a possible bus driver strike.

District officials kept calm and pressed on.

“That made it a little more difficult, but we got through it and got it done,” said District Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Sean Alford. “It just goes to show how professional our employees are.”

The strike did not happen that day, and on Wednesday, the six-member visiting committee from the national AdvancED organization gave the district a strong review.

The evaluation “is good, but that’s not the point,” said David Spellman, lead evaluator for AdvancEd. He said it is not about comparing Dorchester to other districts, but about finding the district’s own strengths or “powerful practices,” and weaknesses or “required actions.”

The committee identified six strengths and two weakness.

The required actions are to implement a system-wide approach to provide formal communication between every student and at least one adult on campus; and to update the technology infrastructure.

“Those were both things we had already identified through our self-analysis,” Alford said. Plans are being made to address them.

AdvancED, which is a voluntary process, has accredited more than 23,000 schools in 30 states. Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester 4 are also accredited.

District 2 was first accredited five years ago.

“Going through this process really speaks to the district’s desire to always get better,” Alford said.