— Denmark Democratic Rep. Bakari Sellers was charged with driving under the influence after leaving a University of South Carolina football game in October 2012, he confirmed Wednesday evening.

Sellers, a 28-year-old attorney, was charged by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office with a first-offense DUI on. Oct. 7, court records show.

Sellers said he was driving to visit family after leaving the USC-University of Georgia game held at Williams-Brice Stadium the evening of Oct. 6.

The fourth-term lawmaker said he is not looking for special treatment and wants to move past the arrest.

“I look forward to all the facts coming out,” Sellers said. “This does not affect my leadership ability.”

Sellers said he declined to take a breathalyzer test after being pulled over and his driver’s license was suspended as a result.

That suspension has since been dismissed, he said.

Sellers declined to go into further detail on the circumstances of the arrest.

Records show he has paid a fine but the case has not been fully resolved. A jury trial has been requested in the case, but Sellers said a date has not yet been set for that trial.