GAFFNEY, S.C. -- Authorities say a Gaffney man has confessed to killing his 78-year-old mother and dumping her body in a trash bin behind her Cherokee County home.

Gaffney police said Tuesday 44-year-old Brandon Knuckles admitted killing Marjorie Knuckles after an argument.

Coroner Dennis Fowler says Marjorie Knuckles had likely been dead for several days when her body was discovered Sunday. Fowler says she had been strangled and had several other injuries indicating she was beaten before she was killed.

Investigators say Knuckles’ family said she was missing Saturday, but her body was not found until someone took garbage to the trash bin Sunday. Knuckles lived with her 95-year-old homebound mother.

It wasn’t known if Brandon Knuckles had an attorney. He faces charges including murder and possession of a stolen vehicle.