The College of Charleston is warning students to be on the lookout for magazine salesmen who might be committing crimes on and around campus while soliciting sales.

The college sent out an email alert to students and faculty this week about the incidents, which began Friday.

In one instance, which occurred off campus and was reported to the Charleston Police Department by a student, the group might have been responsible for stealing a vehicle, as well as a purse, wallet, credit cards and cash, according to the College of Charleston Department of Public Safety.

In another incident, the subjects gained entry to a secured residence hall, obtained information from a debit card and charged $110 to the card before the student victim realized what had happened, public safety officials said.

College officials are warning people on campus to avoid letting strangers into residence halls. Off-campus students have been cautioned against opening their doors to strangers.

Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said police still were researching the incidents this afternoon and had no additional information to provide.