A family member of a 64-year-old Ridgeville man who was fatally shot Friday night reported hearing what he thought was firecrackers before finding his body.

Jimmy C. Edwards was shot three times in the back of the head outside his home at 374 Ridge Road.

Chief Deputy Sam Richardson of the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said this afternoon that investigators are developing solid leads, but no suspects have been identified.

The Sheriff’s Office spoke with three relatives who were inside the house when the incident occurred after 11 p.m.

Edwards’ son-in-law heard what he thought were two firecrackers, though no one else said they noticed the noise, according to an incident report.

Five to 10 minutes later, the son-in-law stepped outside and yelled for Edwards, who didn’t answer.

The son-in-law walked out with a flashlight and found Edwards lying face down. He called 911, and a dispatcher told him turn over Edwards’ body.

His face was bloodied. He was already dead.

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