A former Target clerk is in jail after investigators said she gave merchandise to Christmas shoppers.

Bianca Frasier, 21, of Bexley Street in North Charleston was a clerk at the Citadel Mall store before the holiday, according to an incident report from Charleston police.

Managers said she failed to scan items and reduced prices for three acquaintances, costing the store almost $950.

She said she was “just trying to help people out,” according to the incident report.

Frasier was arrested Wednesday and booked into the Charleston County jail on a charge of breach of trust.

She discounted or failed to scan a long list of items on several occasions on Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, according to the report. She reduced the price or failed to scan a remote-control car, Minnie Mouse, Furby, Transformer, Spiderman, Hot Wheels, Razor Scooter, Power Ranger, tank undershirts, dolls, bed sets and other items, according to the report.

Frasier told officers she knows the three men to whom she gave discounts.

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