A Summerville man barricaded himself inside a woman’s home and attacked her in a domestic dispute Tuesday night, North Charleston police say.

Police arrested Matthew Duren, 33, of Forest Circle in connection with the incident. He was charged with first-degree burglary, kidnapping, criminal domestic violence and violating a restraining order, jail records show.

An alarm led police to a home on Nummie Court about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, a North Charleston police report states.

Police said the scene then played out this way:

A woman peeked through the curtains of an upstairs bedroom after police knocked on the front door repeatedly and no one answered.

The woman stepped onto the home’s balcony and police saw fresh blood on her nose and upper lip.

Police asked the woman to come downstairs, but she told them she couldn’t because the front door had been screwed shut.

The woman added that the man who attacked her was still inside the home.

She escaped through the home’s back door with the help of police.

When police entered the home, they heard a man upstairs making growling noises and moving heavy objects around. Police said it sounded as though the man was attempting to barricade himself inside one of the home’s bedrooms.

Officers drew their guns and told the man to come toward the stairwell. Their orders went unanswered.

Police approached the bedroom and heard the man gasping for air. They told him to open the door, but he didn’t respond.

The officers then forced their way into the room and saw the man lying on the floor with a leather belt tied around his neck. The man’s eyes were bloodshot, a foamy substance was around his mouth and it appeared that he had vomited.

Police loosened the belt and rolled the man onto his side to wait for paramedics.

The woman identified the man as Duren and told police that she lived with him off and on for a year and that they have two children together.

The Department of Social Services had removed the children from the home before Tuesday because of a previous incident that had occurred there.

The woman told police that she and another man were at the home Tuesday when they heard a noise at the back door.

Duren forced his way into the home and an argument ensued. Duren yelled for the man to leave.

When the other man left, Duren punched the woman in the face and inserted four screws through the front door and into the frame to keep anyone from entering.

The woman told police that Duren had threatened to kill her, and she believed he would have done so if officers hadn’t arrived.

She told police she had a restraining order against Duren, but he had broken the order in the past.

Police say Duren was convicted on criminal domestic violence charges in February 2012 and again on Jan. 5.

He was being held Wednesday at the Charleston County jail.

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