Liberal waste

Brian Hicks’ column attacking Mick Mulvaney and others in Congress from South Carolina for voting against the Sandy aid bill again reflects his liberal bias.

Why couldn’t Congress simply pass a bill to help the Sandy victims without loading the bill up with all kinds of pork?

All of that pork is what Mulvaney and many of us out here object to: more government waste and needless spending at a time when the deficit continues to grow. That is why Mulvaney and others voted against the bill, not because they lack the tender sensibilities and love for their fellow man that liberals profess to have.

Mulvaney tried to get a vote on a proposal to put money into a permanent fund to help future victims of natural disasters.

Of course, since this proposal meant thinking ahead and made a great deal or sense, it was rejected.

Hicks praises Jim Clyburn for being the only one from South Carolina to vote for the Sandy bill.

Big deal. Liberals always love to spend other people’s money; it doesn’t cost them anything.

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive


Faulty aims

The writer of the Jan. 22 letter “Save gun rights” exemplifies the illogic of the current opposition to the president’s plans for “gun rights” as he stated recently.

This writer says: “If you tell kids that guns are dangerous, you are asking them to see for themselves. If you show them the do’s and don’ts, it takes the mystery away.”

Given the back story to the Newtown tragedy of the mother taking her son, the shooter, to a gun range for training, we see how well this strategy works.

The guns the shooter brought with him to the elementary school clearly were no mystery to him.

The Second Amendment begins: “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state. ...”

Who better to “regulate” the militia than the president and for the purposes he has stated?

Besides, the guns at that time were muskets not the combat assault weapons used today.

Leo Brueggeman

Oak Island Drive


Pick and choose

Way to go, Sheriff Cannon.

You don’t like a law so just ignore it?

How about people who don’t like the speed limit? Who want to hold up a bank?

Can they pick and choose?

Who needs assault weapons, anyway?

If you feel the need to protect yourself an family, get a little handgun.

Sheriff Cannon should be ashamed of himself.

Mary Ellen Babilon

Auld Brass Road


One size fits all

Why should anyone care that Rev. Joe Darby calls the Tea Party racists?

Whether politicians, police or Civil War re-enactors, it’s the same old complaint with Rev. Darby — they’re all part of a vast, sinister movement, incessantly committed to denying people rights because of skin color. He doesn’t complain about the violent criminals and drug dealers who threaten our streets, or the irresponsible parents who leave children without hope and schools in disarray.

No, that apparently isn’t as big a problem to him as the claim that some person made racial slurs at a Tea Party rally three years ago in Washington, despite a sea of microphones that picked up nothing.

It must be frightening to walk down the sidewalk with so many bigots lurking behind every tree.

Michael Trouche

Marsh Court Lane

Mount Pleasant

Efficiency wins

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Director Catherine Templeton’s announcement of organizational changes and management reductions for DHEC is refreshing.

Finally someone in state government has decided that her job is to serve the citizens more economically and efficiently.

Terry Tsurutis

Burningtree Road


Restore faith

The 2013 inauguration ceremony starts with a prayer and ends with a prayer. Our president places his hand on, not one, but two Bibles to take his oath.

The oath of office ends with the phrase “so help me God.”

The official theme is “Faith in America’s Future.” The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sings “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The first verse begins “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

Now answer this question:

How can we expect to have faith in America’s future when that future does not include prayer in our schools?

Judy Gleffe

Cromwell Court


Needed lesson

Thomas Friedman’s Jan. 24 column points out a recent comment by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi referring to Jews as “descendents of apes and pigs.”

The Jan. 25 Post and Courier reports of the concern of the polio virus being found in Egyptian sewers, and that Egypt polio vaccination plans are being developed.

Perhaps Mr. Morsi could educate himself with some more exposure to science, medicine and anthropology.

After all, it was a Jew, (Dr. Jonas Salk) who discovered the injectable form of the polio vaccine and another Jew (Dr. Albert Sabin) who discovered the oral form.

So the “enlightened” Mr. Morsi seems to be acknowledging that “apes and pigs” have contributed more to ridding the world of tragic diseases than Egyptian scientists.

Sig Schildcrout

Appling Drive

Mount Pleasant