ENDURE. By Carrie Jones. For ages 14-16

“Twilight” has nothing on the Need series by Carrie Jones. With crazy evil vampire-like pixies, good superhero-style pixies, werewolves and more battling for the survival of the world, it is an intriguing page-turner. You’ll find romance, Norse gods and the strength of teenagers willing to fight for what they believe. Don’t pick up this last book in the series and expect to understand everything.

What’s good: Entertaining characters mixed with beautifully described settings to hook you into the story.

What’s bad: A lot of violence and blood.

IQ: Kitty Hawk. By Roland Smith; For ages 10-14

What happens when you mix young teens, ex-CIA agents and rock stars into one story? You end up with the action series “IQ.” In his third book, Roland Smith picks up the action with Quest, his stepsister and a team of ex-CIA agents tracking the kidnapped daughter of the president. Action is fast and furious with explosions, car bombs, magic tricks, mystical happenings and island raids. But if you haven’t read the first two books, this one will be very confusing.

What’s good: Good character development, humor.

What’s bad: Perilous situations for teens, murder.

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