Those fortunate enough to live in the free world might be inured to reading about China censoring books and clamping down on the Internet.

But something it did recently is enough to open even jaded international eyes: It cut a scene from James Bond’s “Skyfall” and changed some of the blockbuster’s dialogue.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “James Bond might have escaped from China unscathed in his latest adventure, but the same can’t be said of ‘Skyfall’ itself.”

The scene on the cutting-room floor was set in Shanghai.

In it, a French hitman shoots a Chinese security guard in the elevator lobby of a skyscraper before preparing for an assassination.

Daniel Craig shouldn’t be surprised. Last year “Mission: Impossible 3,” which was filmed in Shangai, didn’t pass China’s censors because one scene showed images of unkempt laundry lines in the streets.

So while the censored scene in “Skyfall” included violence, the “Mission Impossible’ cuts indicate that Chinese censors are responsive to other standards. So far, there’s no word about the specific reason for this cut.

But for some real violence, try censoring James Bond movies in the U.S.

Yet another reason to appreciate freedom of speech and our entertaining lives in the free world.