Has a lack of organizing containers weakened your resolve to corral those little items that always seem to find their way between the sofa cushions?

Who wouldnít like to collect the little clips, toy parts and sewing notions and put them in a better place?

Professional organizers say you neednít look outside the home for things that are perfect to hold collections of stuff.

ďIf you donít have organizing products on hand, you can make them with items you may already have in your recycle bin,Ē says Jennifer Truesdale of STR8NUP, an organizing business.

Whether the goal is to organize jewelry in the bedroom or nails in the garage, January traditionally is a good time for fresh starts.

Itís also National Get Organized Month, a time when the National Organization of Professional Organizers encourages its members to educate their communities about ways to live a more orderly and efficient existence.

Truesdale, Emily Davis of Ducks in a Row Organizing and Regan Gardiner of Restore Management Professional Organizing Services are among about 10 professional organizers in the Charleston area.

The three provided tips about objects they or colleagues have used for containers.

Paint, decorate or label them in ways that make them personal, they say. That will make it more likely they will be used.

Jennifer Truesdale

Cereal boxes: Cut 2 inches from the bottom of the box and use the short piece as drawer dividers to keep paper clips, staples, pencils and pens in their places.

Mint tins: Cover in attractive contact paper and use for holding business cards.

Six-pack cartons: Decorate and use them to carry crafting tools such as paint brushes or measuring tapes.

Rubber bands and twist ties: Wrap them around electrical cords and cables.

Egg cartons: Spray paint textured paper ones to hold buttons, thread spools and other small sewing notions.

Regan Gardiner

Chinese restaurant containers with clear lids: Store nails and tacks in them.

Spoon rests: Keep hairpins in the dish and wrap pony tail holders on handles.

Cupcake stand: Place on the vanity to hold jewelry.

Hardware containers, egg crates, ice cube trays: Let them hold tiny LEGO pieces.

Tackle boxes: Store beads and buttons in them.

Glass candle jars: Fill them with sewing pins and other notions.

Jam and jelly jars: Make good containers for rubber bands.

Emily Davis

Old muffin tins or ice cube trays: Use in drawers to contain rubber bands, paper clips, and money.

Vintage vases: Use on kitchen counters to hold wooden spoons, spatulas and other items.

Paper towel holders: Stand them and stack bangle bracelets on them.

Old mason jars: Put beads, buttons and pins in them.

Over-the-door shoe holders: Fill pockets with kidsí toys, including dolls.

Pressure rods: Place under kitchen sink to hang plastic spray bottles filled with cleaners by their handles.

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