Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt released a statement Friday describing his position on gun control.

“Quite simply, I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). In addition, I took the oath of office to support and comply with the Constitution of the United States of America of which the Second Amendment is attached,” DeWitt said.

Dewitt’s statement follows that of Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon. Cannon said Thursday he would ignore any proposed gun-control measures he deems unconstitutional, joining a growing chorus of lawmen across the nation opposed to new firearm restrictions.

Dewitt said in his statement, “Hopefully, Congress will review the proposed legislation and uphold the beliefs of our founding fathers. I will be favorable, as I am sure most Americans would be, to enhance laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals convicted of felonies and violent crimes as well as those determined to be mentally ill.”

Spokesman Dan Moon said DeWitt would not discuss his statement further.