Support sheriff

I was pleased to see that Sheriff Al Cannon spoke out against the edicts of President Obama. It was nauseating to see our president marching child pawns in front of the media to further his political agenda without going through Congress.

He continues to make a mockery of our Constitution. Melanie Balog complained in her Jan. 18 column about Cannon that “Charleston County citizens should not stand idly by while the misguided sheriff picks and chooses which laws to enforce.”

She has apparently forgotten that President Obama said out loud that he “would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.”

He and his administration have not only failed to enforce federal immigration laws, but they have actively worked to prevent individual states from enforcing these laws.

He took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this country. He will take this oath again Monday.

Hopefully, he will do better at keeping his promises in the coming term.

This “guns on parade” media blitz is nothing more than another distraction from the real problems in America today.

We have millions of able- bodied citizens out of work, and we continue to enlarge the federal government each day with new laws and new entitlements that are very near causing the financial collapse of our country and the world.

David M. Bourgeois

Chucker Drive


Legal scholars?

Sheriff Al Cannon announced that he will not enforce any gun laws that he deems unconstitutional. The sheriff, an expert on constitutional law — who would have thought it?

We are fortunate to have many experts on the Constitution in Charleston.

There are letters from them on these pages almost every day complaining about the Obama administration denying their freedom and violating their constitutional rights on every issue he mentions.

Gov. Nikki Haley and Gen. Mick Zais have set the example by refusing to deal with anything that comes from Washington because it’s all unconstitutional.

The Post and Courier is to be commended on its editorial support of sensible attempts at dealing with all the gun tragedies we have in this country. I hope the newspaper consulted its attorney on constitutional law first.

Michael Griffith

Sterling Marsh Lane

Johns Island

Unfair expense

Charleston County has two of the best schools in the country in Academic Magnet and the School of the Arts. How does the City of North Charleston treat those students who want to go to school and get a great education? It puts up roadblocks and issues students tickets costing hundreds of dollars.

Would the mayor be happier if they played hookey?

If this weren’t so sad and counterproductive, I would laugh.

Richard Bodek

Pawley Road

Mount Pleasant

Add tax value

I endorse Sen. Fritz Hollings’ Jan. 11 op-ed. His is one voice exhorting us to view the world as it actually is, not as we might like it to be.

Many seem to think that we should try to continue the role we took on after World War II when we led the rebuilding of war-torn countries and faced down the Soviet Union.

And we did that while building the interstate highway system and putting a man on the moon.

But the world is very different today. Our economy is heavily influenced by the actions of other countries, and many of our international policies and actions seem grossly out of date.

A key example is the maintenance of a large number of troops in Germany to counter the threat of the Soviet Union, now long gone. Another is in Korea, where admittedly the North Korean threat remains, but our presence is primarily symbolic, though costly.

Then there is our tax code. When our economy was largely independent of the rest of the world, we could raise business taxes because they could pass those costs on to the consumer.

Now, our businesses go elsewhere partly because taxes here make them non-competitive, and no politician wants to admit that the shortfall will be made up by the consumer (hence Hollings’ call for a value-added tax).

Let’s look at the world as it is, and is likely to go and then figure out how we can prosper in it.

That prosperity must embrace the vast majority of our citizens, not just a few. The list of necessary changes will be long, including education, infrastructure, medical care, care of the elderly and, yes, defense, but let’s get started.

Fritz Saenger Jr.

Cove Bay Lane

Mount Pleasant

Evaluate this

How is it that education “experts” continue to insist on using student scores for teacher evaluations?

Does anybody in his right mind think teachers in poor areas of North Charleston are going to fare as well as teachers in Mount Pleasant?

Or maybe all the great teachers just work in Mount Pleasant.

Ron West

Diamond Boulevard

Mount Pleasant