A Mount Pleasant man beat his roommate with a closet rod Thursday night because the roommate had threatened to shoot him and his new girlfriend during a fit of jealousy, according to a police report.

Bloodied, battered and heartbroken, 38-year-old Thomas Slade Tucker was arrested on two counts of first-degree assault and battery, and one charge of malicious injury to real property.

Tucker told officers from the Mount Pleasant Police Department that he had dated a woman for about six months until they broke up a year ago.

All had been fine, Tucker said, until he saw the woman and his roommate together at his house on Hibben Street. That’s when “all the old feelings resurfaced,” the report stated.

Tucker briefly left to cool down at Wild Wing Cafe, but then returned to challenge his roommate and call his former girlfriend a “whore.”

“I kicked in the door (to their bedroom) and got hit in the head,” Tucker told the police, according to the report.

Tucker was treated for his injuries at East Cooper Hospital, then he was jailed. During a hearing Friday morning, Magistrate Linda Lombard set his bail at $50,000.

According to the incident report, the woman told officers that she and the roommate had returned from an evening out and were in bed when they heard someone knocking on their bedroom door.

It was Tucker.

Tucker yelled that he was going to beat up the couple, the woman said. He retreated for a few minutes, but came back to issue more threats through the closed door, the report stated.

He called his ex-girlfriend a “whore” and promised to “kill us with his shotgun” if they didn’t open the door, she told the police.

The woman took cover by climbing through a window and onto the roof. She was there for a few minutes, but then returned to a bathroom and called 911.

That’s when Tucker kicked in the door, she told the officers.

“I didn’t know if he had a gun,” the woman told the police, according to the report. “(The roommate) had to hit him in the head with a metal bar to keep him from hurting us.”

The roommate told the police that he acted in self-defense and repeatedly struck Tucker with a hanger rod from the closet. Even after being injured, Tucker continued to try and get to his old girlfriend, the roommate told the police.

The woman said the men were fighting on the floor when she escaped and ran outside to responding police officers.

The officers reported hearing the woman’s screams, then seeing her run through the front door. She was followed by the roommate, who was still carrying the rod.

The officers found Tucker standing in the foyer. He was unarmed. Blood covered his hands and face.

Inside, the police saw blood splattered in the kitchen, on the stairs and in the bedroom.

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