North Charleston police arrested a man who they say pulled a knife on a woman at a convenience store and got into a fight with officers.

Police charged Raymond Mallard, 55, of Hampton Avenue, with first-degree assault and battery and resisting arrest while assaulting a police officer, an incident report states.

Police on Saturday stopped Mallard about 11 p.m. at the corner of Spruill and Clement avenues for a headlight violation, the report states.

Mallard gave police permission to conduct a search and, according to the report, a knife-like tool with a teal handle was found on his person.

Mallard told police he was on his way to visit a friend who was afraid to leave her home after being jumped by a group of people.

Police followed Mallard to the woman’s home to check on her, but she told officers she already had made a report and that she did not need further assistance.

As the conversation ended, a second woman entered the apartment, pointed at Mallard and said he was the same man who pulled a knife on her earlier in the night, the report states.

The woman told police she was making a purchase at a Circle A convenience store on Spruill Avenue about 10:45 p.m. when Mallard walked up to her and pointed a knife at her chest.

The store’s clerk intervened in the altercation, which caused Mallard to flee the business, the report states.

Police say Mallard became angry at hearing the woman’s story, and claimed the attack never happened.

Police asked the woman to describe the knife Mallard threatened her with. The description she gave matched the knife Mallard had in his possession, the report states.

Police led Mallard outside and told him he was under arrest.

According to police, Mallard threw an officer against a car, and attempted to punch him in the face and chest.

Police subdued Mallard with the use of a Taser, the report states.

Mallard was being held at the Charleston County jail Monday.

A judge set his bail at $40,000, according to jail records.