Still looking for your December vehicle registration?

You are not alone.

Because of a glitch at the state Department of Motor Vehicles, some motorists with December renewal dates find themselves waiting and wondering when the postman will bring the shiny new 2013 sticker for their tag.

Those who mailed in their payment December 22 or later are affected, said DMV spokeswoman Beth Parks. The situation happened because DMV did not order enough of the “mailer forms” to handle all of the December renewals in a timely fashion, she said.

The DMV is working to address the situation and get the rest of the unprocessed vehicle registrations into the mail, she said.

In the meantime, affected motorists can go to their nearest DMV office with the receipt for their county vehicle taxes and renew their registration in person, she said.

Under state law, there is a 30-day grace period for registration renewals, Parks said.

The situation was exacerbated by the combination of a weekend followed by three days off for Christmas. “There was a five-day period before we knew we were low,” she said.

Parks said she did not know how many people were affected. Those drivers are in a “queue” that changes as some of them opt to pick up their registration at a DMV office instead of waiting for it to arrive by mail, she said.

“We expect to be able to get out the others very shortly,” she said.

South Carolina has 4 million vehicles whose registration is staggered by month.

Payment of vehicle property taxes is required before a registration can be renewed. When payment of the tax is received by the county treasurer, the registration is mailed to the customer from the DMV the next working day. Those who do not receive their new registration within 10 days may obtain one at a DMV branch, according to