Israeli homeland

I was gratified to note your misgivings about appointing Sen. Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense (Jan. 8 editorial titled “Hagel a questionable choice”).

But you claim that “Netanyahu’s plan to expand settlements on the West Bank deserves the negative reaction it has drawn from the White House.”

Why is it acceptable that anywhere in the world be closed to Jewish residents, especially in their own country?

The “West Bank” is properly termed “Judea and Samaria,” They are part of the state of Israel by law and by right of conquest (not to mention by gift of the Almighty).

Who are the esteemed editors of The Post and Courier to deny Israelis the right to live where they choose?

One more point: The word “settlements” implies a frontier-like place in some far-off area. In fact, many settlements are close-in suburbs of the city of Jerusalem, comprised of lovely homes and apartments.

Judea and Samaria are Israeli, and will remain Israeli, regardless of whether the editors of The Post and Courier (and the president of the United States) want to stop Jews from living there, and regardless of whether the so-called Palestinians want to take it.

Stuart Kaufman

Old Course Lane

Mount Pleasant

Poison or cure?

Let me get this straight. The central argument from the National Rifle Association and gun-rights proponents is this: We need continued easy access to guns in order to protect ourselves from the chaos and carnage we have visited upon ourselves, thanks to easy access to guns.

Don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time telling the poison from the cure.

Too bad Adam Lanza’s mom wasn’t armed so she could protect herself.


Pocahontas Street

Mount Pleasant

A basic right

As a licensed concealed weapons permit holder and law-abiding citizen with no criminal record, I practice responsible gun ownership as envisioned by our Founders and enshrined in our Constitution.

Even a casual reading of constitutional deliberations and the Federalist papers can bestow a proficient understanding of why our Founders made it so.

A loud and uninformed minority are bowing to the powerful, who seek to censor free speech, disarm free men and empower the state at the expense of the individual.

Our state requires background checks through SLED for the purchase of any firearm from a retail establishment. Proof of age is required to purchase ammunition.

The fact most heinously misreported regards the requirement of a criminal background check by SLED, which occurs after a citizen has demonstrated proficiency with a short arm and has passed an eight-hour course given by a licensed firearm instructor.

The background check can take as long a 90 days, far from “instant,” as you have reported. It also includes fingerprinting.

Some journalists may abhor an American’s right to defend his person, family and property, but at least they could report honestly. Quoting the Brady Center on gun laws is akin to quoting Nazis on population control.

If you are so concerned with the safety of citizens, why don’t you support stronger punishment of individuals who possess firearms illegally and use them in the commission of crime?

Why not attack bonding companies and criminal defense attorneys who oppose these laws? Because you are not interested in our safety, only our subjugation.

Matthew Smith

Chelwood Circle


‘Smoking gun’

Thanks for printing Dr. Hernandez and Dianne Wilson’s comments on smoking. Your readers should be aware of the “smoking gun.” Seventy cents of every dollar spent by S.C. Medicaid is on smoking-related health problems.

Maybe Tony Keck should send the bill to the tobacco companies, or perhaps people should stop smoking.


Waterpoint Circle

Mount Pleasant

Expensive fall

America did not avoid a fiscal cliff. She is still falling into a financial abyss. Obama, with his Democratic sheep and several gutless Republicans, has passed a tax increase on 77 percent of Americans.

These politicians could not find any meaningful spending cuts. We are now approaching a $17 trillion debt, plus another debt-ceiling increase.

An article in the Jan. 7 Post and Courier reported that Ramallah, West Bank, is unable to meet payroll for 150,000 employees. Obama wants to send them 450 million of our tax dollars — money we must borrow.

If there is money left over after payroll, perhaps they can buy a rocket or two to fire at Israel.

Giving away our tax dollars and helping our enemies does not stop in Palestine. Obama is giving 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to Egypt, now controlled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is there not a public outcry?

Bruce Bates

Della Lane


More profits

If South Carolina organizations, large and small, are fearful about how to afford Obamacare and other new regulations, one solution is inarguable: They must think and act differently to earn new, sustainable profits.

Cushy jobs with easy paychecks are going the way of the dodo bird. South Carolinians must hold themselves accountable as profit centers. Improved job performance and fresh attitudes must contribute to sales and customer service profits, or operational time and cost savings, or both.

If business owners wish to hire the best employees, earning new profits to afford advanced wages, modern work environments and costly health insurance benefits are required, especially since Obamacare is now the law.

If your organization wishes to give philanthropically, even more financial profits must be recorded. New equipment? Paid vacation? Modern software? New profits, new profits, new profits.

Statewide profit increases will lead to new public investment, exciting private developments and new jobs in most sectors, enabling excellent S.C. education, pristine public services and sustainable conservation and development.

Business owners must engage excellent accounting and legal counsel so as to avoid risks, operate more profitably and compete for better paying customers. South Carolina’s old-school, non-cash, barter under-the-table economy is hardly a solution.

Baron C. Hanson

Market Street


Restaurant closing

In response to the Jan. 8 column by Melanie Balog, “Flag-waving tavern must find new digs”:

When you are as powerful as the Beach Co., what does a small neighborhood restaurant mean to you?

A 25 percent rent increase is just not normal in the business world. Unless, of course, you want to get rid of a tenant.

There are about 250 residents at Canterbury House; many of them patronize the Chucktown Restaurant.

We have become friends with Hope and Marty Young. They and the restaurant mean a lot to us.

We older people have a tendency to be very loyal. Especially when a friend has been wronged.

I’m willing to bet any new restaurant taking over this spot will not do well.

Naomi Radcliff

Market Street


Crown him king

I read where Vice President Joe Biden has suggested that the president just issue another executive order and put into place the president’s idea of gun control.

Why waste the time? The vice president should just order a red, white and blue crown festooned with our glorious bald eagle and have a ceremony installing the president as king for life.

Let us just end this charade of a democracy, a republic, a Constitution, and the need for three branches of government.

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant