DHEC cuts

Recently you printed an article about 45 layoffs in the Department of Health and Environmental Control. Catherine Templeton, director of DHEC, stated that “no services will be cut” and that “this is all upper management” being laid off.

She is right about the 45 current layoffs, but what she failed to tell people is that she had already cut a service, and blue collar workers are unemployed due to her actions.

DHEC Home Health in the Lowcountry was forced to close its home health aid service. This service was a benefit to our veterans.

The VA has patients who are homebound and need more help than just nursing and therapy.

They need help bathing, cooking and cleaning. Most cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for this expense.

DHEC had a small staff of wonderful certified nurse’s aides. They take pride in their work and showed much love to these people until Templeton cut the program.

What happened to putting our vets first? What happened to doing what is best for the patient?

Yes, they will get CNA services from another agency, but will they be as wonderful and caring? And what about the people who are now without jobs?

Thanks so much, Gov. Haley and Ms. Templeton, for putting hard-working people, who did a wonderful job, out of work. I’m sure the homebound vets of the Lowcountry thank you as well.

Sara Wentzel

Trotters Boulevard


‘2016’ was right

Prior to the recent presidential election, my wife and I went to the movie “2016.”

I had done my political homework, and even though I was not particularly excited about Mitt Romney, he at least was supportive of the American Dream, and would have reversed the spiraling downward plunge that our economy is now experiencing.

He would have kept our military strong and squelched the dangerous anti-American sentiment and accelerating racial division of our country.

I was convinced that re-electing President Obama would be a devastating blow to everything that a free and prosperous America stands for.

On Jan. 8 I rented “2016,” and viewed it again. I became physically ill at the alarming predictions in it coming to pass at an unbelievable rate.

We are, without a doubt, moving at runaway-train speed toward a complete economic collapse and complete annihilation of our precious American Dream.

Unless this is stopped, our grandchildren may be living in tin-roofed shacks and wallowing in ignorance and filth just as I have witnessed in the Third World countries in which I have traveled.

I urge Americans to wake up and smell the destruction of our nation before it’s too late. And it almost already is. I pray that I don’t get to say “I told you so.”

Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street


Smoke-free zone

What a relief to taxpayers that MUSC and Roper hospitals have elected themselves gods, deciding who smokes where in their areas.

And let’s not forget the city that approved all this. Thanks, Charleston.

Now we the taxpayers will not have to repair roads, service traffic lights or contain litter.

We may even be able to profit from fines.

Sound stupid?

So does the “smoke free zone.”

By the way, nobody showed up to oppose this measure as we thought it was too stupid to pass. Our bad.


James Bew

Wicklowe Drive


Letter appalling

A Jan. 9 letter titled “Parkway wrong way for Johns Island was appalling and stooped to an all-time low. The writer suggested that the roadway would “allow swift passage for residents of Seabrook and Kiawah gated communities, through Johns Island without having to look at poor black and Hispanic people working the fields, waiting for school buses or walking to church from their ramshackle homes.”

These “ramshackle” houses she referred to are people’s homes with families living in them. How many of these homes has she delivered meals to, or provided transportation?

I wonder how many kids she has tutored or mentored that are waiting for the school buses.

“Speeding through Johns Island?” I think not.

I’m not sure who she intended to offend more, her Johns Island neighbors or Seabrook/Kiawah neighbors, as her comments were erroneous and insensitive to both.

Marilyn Olson

Turtle Point

Kiawah Island

No help with heat

During the summer people get air conditioners and fans to be cool.

I am 78 years old, and I have not had any heat in over two years. My unit is over 15 years old, and I am afraid my house will catch on fire. The wiring is so old that my fuse box goes off every day.

I have written to two of the city’s highest officials and I have not received a call back.

I have never begged for help. I have worked all of my life. My husband also worked for 28 years with the city. Now I can’t get any help.

Maybe it’s because I don’t know the right people.

Beverly Duc

Ashley Avenue


Gun reality

An opinion on gun control from 249 years ago:

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” — Cesare Beccaria, the father of modern criminology, 1764.

Fred Miles

Bridlewood Lane

Mount Pleasant