Temporary fix

The cliff deal put together by a bunch of sleep-deprived elected officials on New Yearís Eve will only patch the hole in the tire of our budget bus.

The patch will last only two months.

In late February the bus will blow another tire.

How many times can Washington patch holes before it votes to shed some of the weight of our obese budget?

Dennis L. Compton

Filly Court

North Charleston

Diluted Tea Party

The author of a Jan. 9 letter titled ďThe real Tea PartyĒ appears unable to describe particulars about this Democratic administrationís policies. He reminds me of conversations I have had with real Tea Party people who donít say what legislation it is they object to.

Tea Partiers could have objected to a Republican administration financing two wars off the books. I must have missed it.

What government intrusiveness is greater than the Patriot Act, passed by a Republican administration? I donít recall a Tea Partierís outrage at Dick Cheneyís comments that ďdeficits donít matter.Ē

Did Tea Partiers object to Bush tax cuts after the cuts failed to create jobs? Did I mention that a recent Rasmussen poll says that only 8 percent of Americans call themselves Tea Party people?

Medicare and Social Security have a higher favorability rating than Tea Partiers or Congress.

What does that tell you?

Phil Pettus

Montgomery Road

James Island

Boozing it up

I donít find it very surprising that Charleston has been ranked the nationís ďfourth drunkest city.Ē

Just read the Thursday Charleston Scene section. Almost every article features some kind of drinking party from a pub crawl to thirsty Thursday.

Also, when The Post and Courier shows the pictures of local events, almost everyone has a beer or a mixed drink in his or a drink in front of him.

I donít have a problem with drinking. The only thing I am saying is donít be shocked. Charleston has earned the rating.

Steven Baxley

Maxwell Street

North Charleston

School police

As an NRA pistol/rifle instructor, range safety officer and S.C. concealed weapons permit instructor, I fully support Mayor Keith Summey in putting an armed police officer in every school in the city of North Charleston. They can assist principals in resolving issues that may arise, and they would serve as role models for future men and women.

Is the safety of North Charlestonís school children worth a slight increase in your property taxes? This is a preventative measure or better known as proactive policing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Michael P. Gallager

Eden Road


Ode to Sen. Scott

Tim Scott was elected to Charleston County Council in 1994 as a conservative from North Charleston. Iíve known him since that time, and I can say he is a man of integrity.

Timís business acumen and his likability have taken him far. When he speaks people listen and agree with his positions and policies.

His businesses flourished, and he was chairman of County Council for over eight years. Then the opportunity presented itself, and Tim offered for U. S. Congress. He won overwhelmingly. Voters see him as an honorable man.

Iíve not mentioned that Tim Scott is black, yet every commentator or national newspaper writer does.

There is no question that Tim Scott is black and is proud of his heritage, but being black is not what personifies him. It is not what makes him honorable or got him elected to County Council or Congress.

The people of our extended community fell in love with Tim Scott. They recognized that he was someone we could be proud of, and the color of his skin never entered into it.

The pundits and people from off, who donít know our Tim Scott, tick me off. They are the ones acting like racists. Shame on them.

Tim Scott will do a wonderful job in the Senate, and hopefully people will come to realize that his being a proud black man is not why we think so much of Tim Scott. Itís because heís an honorable man.


Register of Mesne Conveyance

Cloudmont Drive


Parkway needed

The Jan. 9 letter against the parkway for Johns Island is very sad. As do most liberals, the writer raises the race card, which has nothing to do with this proposed road.

She writes, ďIt is about facilitating wealthy, entitled white people from Kiawah and Seabrook to speed though mostly poor black communities on Johns Island and avoid having their senses affronted or their speed inhibited.Ē

Lots of minorities reside on both islands, and her assertions do a disservice to our non-white neighbors. Also we are not all wealthy, including this writer.

It appears that she has no idea of the fantastic efforts by retired doctors who volunteer to care for the poor of Johns Island, or the thousands of hours volunteers contributed at Our Lady of Mercy Outreach, the Habitat For Humanity Store and Goodwill.

The writer should be concerned about saving lives on roads that are among the most deadly in the state.

Ernest J. Berger

Deer Point Drive

Seabrook Island

Unsafe roads

Anyone traveling on secondary roads and bridges in South Carolina is quickly aware of their poor condition.

We have some of the worst, and least safe, roadways in the nation.

Instead of spending $560 million on building I-526 to Johns Island we should be addressing our inferior county and state roadway needs.

Butch Damon

Old Mill Road

Saint Stephen