Man’s inhumanity to man is bad enough. But man’s inhumanity to other species is a particularly sad reflection on our own kind — especially during a holiday season.

So it’s reassuring to know that Jessy, a feisty cockatoo, is finally back where she belongs at Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf in North Myrtle Beach.

It’s also reassuring to know that her return after an eight-day ordeal is thanks to a human “informant” — and to the cooperation of law enforcement agencies in two states.

As Thursday’s Myrtle Beach Sun News reported, Jessy was stolen on Dec. 23 — but only after putting up quite a scrap.

And while the two interlopers eventually captured Jessy, their images were captured on video during a lengthy struggle to get her out of her home.

Hawaiian Rumble owner Bob Detwiler explained: “She fought with those people when they tried to get her. It took them an hour to get her out. She would go down to the bottom of the cage ... when they tried to grab her, she’d try to bite them.”

Though Mr. Detwiler offered a $1,000 reward for help in finding Jessy, he didn’t have to pay that price to get her back.

Instead, the informant’s tip led the authorities to her in North Carolina.

North Myrtle Beach Police Detective Joel McGartlin told the Sun News that arrest warrants have been issued for two people who are suspected of being her captors.

Meanwhile, Mr. Detwiler is understandably happy to be reunited with the bird who is not just a beloved pet but a star attraction. He said Jessy is an avid dancer who leads a seven-bird troupe that entertains his customers:

“A lot of families would come just to see her. Kids would start laughing and then Jessy would laugh just like them. She’s been there 15 years. She’s part of the family.”

And of course, there is no more fitting mascot for a golf course, even a miniature one, than a birdie.