A 49-year-old West Ashley woman was arrested Sunday after she was accused of attacking her boyfriend because he paid too much attention to his daughter, according to an incident report.

Demetria Montgomery faces a count of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, a felony punishable with at least a year and up to 10 years in prison. She also faces a marijuana possession charge.

About 3:30 p.m. Sunday, 51-year-old James Horton was sitting in the living room of his apartment at 1800 William Kennerty Drive and texting his daughter, he told police.

In the month they had been living together at Moss Creek Apartments, Montgomery had increasingly grown “jealous about the amount of time and money (Horton) spends on his daughter,” the report stated.

She stormed into the living room Sunday and demanded to know the object of his text messages, according to the report. When Horton acknowledged that he was texting his daughter, he said Montgomery started throwing things around the room and damaging the walls.

Horton called 911, but that’s when Montgomery grabbed a steel knife from the kitchen and tried to stab him, he told the Charleston Police Department.

Horton managed to disarm her, but she fetched another kitchen knife and slashed his upper left arm, according to the report.

But Horton was unaware of the 4-inch gash, so he continued to defend himself. He knocked the knife from her hand, but she picked up two more, he said.

He managed to disarm her two more times before the arrival of several police officers, who said in their report that they were able to immediately identify the aggressor in the fight.

Montgomery was handcuffed, and police said they found 4 grams of marijuana and 70 pills when they searched her and her purse, police said. It was unknown what medication the capsules contained.

During a hearing Monday morning, Magistrate Linda Lombard set Montgomery’s bail at $10,600. It was unknown whether she had hired an attorney.

The extent of Montgomery’s arrest history in South Carolina also wasn’t immediately known. The incident report indicates she has lived in Tennessee, where she has been arrested on charges that include theft.

Her roommate was treated for his cut at Roper St. Francis Hospital.