In 1927, the Good Cheer Fund raised $1,797 to help the less fortunate in the Lowcountry. This year, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of The Post and Courier’s readers, we are proud to announce a year-end total of $361,770.21, making 2012 second only to the $368,763.87 raised in 2007 and bringing the all-time total to more than $6.8 million.

To help

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Every cent of that money has gone toward helping our neighbors in need during the holiday season, from feeding the hungry to helping families in crisis to sheltering the homeless in the Lowcountry. Whether your donation was big or small, our fund recipients thank you and we thank you.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our readers.

There are no administrative costs associated with the fund and all the money is distributed to six local agencies — Coastal Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Star Gospel Mission and the Salvation Army – to help meet the area’s most critical needs, ranging from rental and utility assistance to medical assistance to nutritious food.

In addition, several folks stepped up this year and provided items specifically needed by a couple of families we wrote about in our daily case histories, making the holidays even brighter for these clients.

The following contributions have been received since last week. Acknowledgement of any donations received after Dec. 28 will be published at the beginning of the 2013 Good Cheer Fund campaign in November.


In Honor of the dedicated employees of Salmons Dredging 100.00

In Honor of the dedicated employees of Electric Supply Co. 100.00

In Honor of the dedicated employees of Fosberg Engineering 100.00

In Honor of the dedicated employees of Charleston Engineering 100.00

In Honor of: I remember “The Darlington Ave. Ramblers” remembering such names as Elmore, Jimmie, Buster, Jerry, Leslie, Marc, Teddy, Sammy, Bobby, Donald etc. … 52.50

Michael and Rosemarie Battaglia 100.00

Brew and Libby Hagood 250.00

Calvin and Joyce East 100.00

Ted and Beth Summerford 100.00

Winnie, Petey and Berry 100.00

Gary, Val and Beth Williams 100.00

“Friends from Ladson” 4,900.00

Beverly Buswell 50.00

Fred Herrmann 500.00

The Afternoon Circle of Johns Island Presbyterian Church 62.00

In honor of Nell Parnell and her wonderful family from the Hoffmans 70.00

Alex, Francesca and Marcus Jackson 100.00

Mark Sloan and Michelle Van Parys 100.00

In Honor of the Angels of the Compassionate Friends 50.00

In honor of and with thanks for our incredible staff, from Café Fork and Fork Fine Gourmet Catering and Events 100.00

Anthony and Peggy Szumiesz 1,000.00

Big Al 30.00

Dwight and Louise Meyer 100.00

In honor of my two beautiful children, Owen and Sara from Caroline Sullivan 100.00

In honor of my Grandmother, Mary Friend from Caroline Sullivan 50.00

Sarah Louise Creasy and Kathleen Champion 50.00

Dr. Marshall Newton and Family 250.00

Julia Gentles 100.00

Peper Agency — Allstate Insurance Co. 100.00

Claire Cooper 30.00

In honor of Judy and Dalton Brasington by the Stephenson and McIntosh families 100.00

In honor and appreciation of Bobby and Ruthie Mallard 250.00









Edgewood Builders 100.00

Merry Christmas from the Kelly family 100.00


Our parents Efthimios and Margie Stamas from Angela and Demo Kolaras, Carol Stamas and Diane Mashead 100.00

Leo B. duFort, Col. William K. Perry, Timothy M. Evans, Colleen D. Evans, Richard W. Perry, Patricia I. Kasell, Joanne M. Comar, Roy Howell, Morris Rosen and Harper Drolet 100.00

Ann Corontzes, George Corontzes, Gertrude Heiterer, Dr. Randall Heffron, Danny Heape, Chris Manos, Raymond Rosenblum, Charlie Eiserhardt and Jack Simmons 52.50

Don Haynie, a good Dad 25.00

Emma Shuler 15.00

Mimi, Buddy, Grandma Mary, Barney and Maggie 150.00

Jervey and Raymond Craven, Michael Jones, Lucy Peters, Jack Strickland III, Alice Smith and departed loved ones 20.00

“Buck” Bell 1,000.00

Alice Morris from your “other” children on Carlton St. from the ’50s and ’60s 50.00

“GUB” from her Kids, Grands, and Great Grands 1,150.00

My brother Leonard Lawrence Jr. 50.00

Azile and Sophie from Carl and Helen 100.00

Our parents Bill and Margaret Kessler King, Francis and Annie Flowers Sutton and stepmother Myrtle Baker Sutton 200.00

Our loved ones Mary, Percy, Stanfield and Ken Wood and Iris and Ernest King from Pamela Wood and Wendy King 100.00

My beautiful beloved boy, Ben Hawkins, Our Danny and My Ray 50.00

My parents, Henry and Bettye Medlock 50.00

My dear Sister in Christ Anne Dobson by Weezy and Tim Kimbrell 308.00

Mr. and Mrs. William J. F. Doscher 50.00

David, Millie and Mary 100.00

My Grandparents, John and Julia Fuzia from Caroline Sullivan 100.00

Mr. James Hurley, a dear friend Mr. Robert E. Creasy and my dad Reid E. Clifton 50.00

Nancy S. Drawdy, Joe and Marie Studemeyer and John B. Drawdy Sr. from John Drawdy 100.00

Tom Brunson from the Davis Life Group 75.00

Kenneth and Dorothy Geiger Bates 50.00

John Rathbone Hopkins and Mary Ann Diener 100.00

Our beloved son, P. Scott Tyre 50.00

Warren H. Stutler, Eleanor C. Stutler and dear friends Phi Seabrook, Edward Singletary and Mitch Lanier 100.00

Dub and Ruth Broom 1,000.00

The Sandy Hook Angels 26.00

Jan Smith 100.00

Ben Burris 100.00

Audrey Grice 100.00

Dr. Rene’ Ravenel 100.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $15,816.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $345,954.21

YEAR TO DATE $361,770.21

LAST YEAR TO DATE $329,580.90