A 20-year-old man was arrested Saturday on a charge that he concealed a toy pistol in his waistband while walking into the Walmart in West Ashley.

A Charleston Police Department patrol officer wrote in an incident report that two men were seen about 2 a.m. walking toward the entrance of the Walmart at 3951 West Ashley Circle. One of them wasn’t wearing shoes.

Asked what he was up to, Michael Eugene Sheahan of Shadowmoss Parkway said he was there to meet with someone about a missing iPod, according to the report.

But Sheahan become nervous and “kept placing his hands in his pockets,” the report states.

Sheahan agreed to a search, according to the report, and the officer found an airsoft gun in his waistband. The metal pistol with a wood-color grip did not have a make or model, and Sheahan said he “was just playing around with it,” the report stated.

Airsoft guns typically fire spherical, nonmetallic pellets.

Sheahan is due to appear Friday at City Hall to face the municipal-level charge.

The gun was confiscated as evidence, and Sheahan remained jailed today in lieu of a $262 bail.

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