Repeat history

I am an 83-year-old man, born during the Depression of 1929 and raised a Christian and a Democrat. I voted for John F. Kennedy for president, then switched to the Republican Party as a conservative.

The Democrats of the 1930s built a dam, repaired and built roads and bridges and ended World War II.

After serving in two wars, Korea and Vietnam, I retired to live the rest of my life in this great country.

Now we find ourselves on a ďfiscal cliff.Ē Why? All the Democrats had to do was read history. Why not do what the Democrats of the 1930s did?

They could have continued to repair and build roads and bridges, recreated the WPA, built the pipeline from Canada to Texas and quit sending men and money to a wasted project in the Middle East.

But what do I know? I only lived through all of this and saw it for myself.


Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force


Highwood Circle


Sensible gun laws

Judging from recent letters, talk of renewing the assault weapons ban has thrown gun owners into hysteria. They need to calm down and try to think straight.

Rest assured, traditional hunting rifles and shotguns will never be banned. Those who enjoy blasting away at defenseless birds and animals may continue to do so. Those who feel safe at home only with a handgun tucked under the pillow will not see it confiscated.

However, the gun used at Sandy Hook was neither a hunting rifle nor a reasonable personal protection weapon, as a recent letter writer asserted, but rather ďa high-powered, military-style rifle loaded with ammunition designed to inflict maximum damage.Ē (Post and Courier, Dec. 21).

This type of assault weapon has no place in a civil society like ours with a criminal justice system and a professional police force. This is not Somalia or Yemen.

And forget the cynical argument that weíll never succeed in getting all guns out of the hands of criminals. We must start somewhere, and better late than never. Over time, fewer guns sold will translate into fewer homicides.

We owe it to the future to use everything in our tool kit to promote a less violent society, and one of those tools is sensible gun control. Letís start by halting the sale of military-style assault weapons, as well as large ammunition clips and magazines, and by making it much harder for the wrong people to buy guns.

Carol Jules

Wexford Sound Drive


Community cares

Meals on Wheels of Summerville, Inc., is grateful to be part of a community whose members care for each other. In the past few weeks, we have been overwhelmed by donations.

Most recently, the Summerville Thanksgiving Basket Project organized by St. John the Beloved, Summerville Presbyterian, St. Lukeís Lutheran and St. Paulís churches filled and delivered over 300 bags of food to residents, then donated to Meals on Wheels to help us feed more than 150 persons.

We are blessed annually by the seasonal tea rooms run by Bethany United Methodist and St. Paulís churches, which give all of their proceeds to nonprofits, including Meals on Wheels.

Second Chance, the volunteer thrift shop that shares its profits with local charities including Meals on Wheels has given us $6,000 this year ó enough to feed six people for a whole year.

The Coastal Community Foundation manages individualsí philanthropic wishes by distributing funds to local nonprofits, and we are grateful to be one of those.

The Legend Oaks Golf Club charity weekend and tournament has in three years become one of our mainstays. This year the group raised $18,611 each for Meals on Wheels and Palmetto House.

However, half of our funding comes from individuals in gifts of all sizes. We could not do what we do without these donors, or the 200-plus volunteers who give their time to package and deliver meals five days a week.

Betsy Luke

Executive Director

Meals On Wheels

W. Carolina Avenue


Take the dive

I once had a manager at Merrill Lynch tell me that if everyone lost everything that the same people who were wealthy would make the comeback.

Knowing that seven out of eight of the super rich were born that way, my response was, ďLetís give it a try and see what happens.Ē Boy, did that shut him up.

Well, thatís the way I feel about the fiscal cliff and the attempts to shut the government down over the debt limit. Letís give it a try.

This is the time to let the Republican Party destroy itself. Itís no time for short term solutions, and kicking the can down the road.

Iím out of the stock market probably forever, and I hold only liquid investments. I would advise the same of everyone else.

But if you donít see the light, donít do it.

William A. Johnson

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant