Each year on Christmas Day, the Good Cheer Fund acknowledges several Lowcountry estates that benefit our fundraising efforts. The daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Seel bequeathed $500,000 of their combined estates to the fund, which receives the interest earned. This year’s donation from the bequest of Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maul Seel comes to $25,862.43, a substantial increase over last year.

To help

To donate to the Good Cheer Fund, go to goodcheerfund.com. For more stories, go to postand courier.com/goodcheer.

In addition, the estates of Mary Stuart and Florence E. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate contributed $4,889.56.

And even more exciting is the fact that their bequests have helped make 2012’s current total the second highest in the fund’s history. (The highest total was $368,763.87 in 2007.)

Each is vitally important in making the holiday season brighter for those in need in the Lowcountry. Every cent received is passed along to six local charities — The Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Coastal Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center — which have until the end of January to distribute the funds.

There’s still time to beat 2007’s total as contributions received by 11 a.m. Friday will be included in our final 2012 accounting on New Year’s Eve. Donations after that date will be applied toward the 2013 fund.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, S.C. 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at www.goodcheerfund.com.


The joint estate of the late Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel 25,862.43

The estate of Mary Stuart, the estate of Florence W. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate 4,889.56

In honor of the armed forces serving our great nation. Thank you for your service. 1,000.00

In honor of Tom, Theresa, Mary and Grandma Maude 25.00

Paul and Shirley Yantis 200.00

In Honor of our Precious Grandchildren from Nanna and Granddad 100.00

In honor of Steve Wagenlander 30.00

In honor of: Mrs. Beall and Mrs. Sewell: Thank you for showing us the world from all 22 of your SIES kindergartners 22.00

Hardcase, Boops, My ever-lovin’ Goose and Newton from Dad 50.00

Grateful thanks for Mariana R. Hay and Rhett R. Outten from the Croghan’s Jewels 250.00

Bakker Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation 5,000.00

Benich, Huffines, Pauls and Murray Families (They held a hot cocoa/cookie sale to raise the money) 104.30

Colonial Street Friends 940.00

In honor of Jewels at Croghan’s Jewel Box 500.00

All military, past and present, thank you for your service 50.00

In thanksgiving for our wonderful grandson: Tyler McCord Burnette. Love, Mimi and Papa 20.00

In honor of my children, grandchildren and my great-grandson 25.00

In honor of the #1 Birthday Club: Sweetie, Tico and Beverly from The #2 Birthday Club: CT, Rory, Robin and Joanie 50.00

Juge 100.00

Deanna, Cheyne and Corey 100.00

Charleston Leathergoods 100.00

Emma Jane and Bill Mehard 100.00

The Maxwell Family 100.00

The Alpha Circle of the Kings Daughters and Sons 25.00

Katherine Morton 500.00

In honor of family 40.00

In honor of The Fun Lunch Bunch 10.00

Ron and Marilyn Nannicelli 50.00

In honor of my neighbors from Melinda Summer 50.00

In honor of the Forrest Branham Family 100.00

Paul Nelson 50.00

Fred and Joyce Clinard 75.00

Jimmie and Janie Fitch 200.00

In honor of our grandsons - Merry Christmas and God Bless us Everyone from Judy and Dan Ormson 50.00

Barbara O’Shields-Webb 20.00

Christina Kleindt 75.00

Condon’s Bridal Boutique 50.00

Barry Bealer 5.00

Mark Wall, aka Ike 7.50

James and Rhonda Hunter 75.00

P. Steven Dopp 500.00

In honor of John Doscher by Debbie and Johnny 100.00

Harold and Dorothy Arrighy 25.00

In honor of Alyssa, Kenton, Bethany, Maddie and Ellie 100.00

Royal Dutch Shell 602.34

In honor of Shirley Hund 25.00

Joann Dingle - The Dingle family 25.00

The Law Offices of Richard A. Hricik, PA 100.00

Jesse and Lenna Kirchner 500.00

Durham School Services - Dorchester 2 Bus Drivers, Aides and Staff 128.00

Woodrow and Betty Blizzard 300.00

Port City Supply, Inc. 300.00

In appreciation of the Good Cheer Fund and all that it makes possible for our clients from the employees of the Association for the Blind 100.00

Best Dad, Son and #1 Steelers fan Tom Corbin from Lauren, Stephen and Mom 100.00

In gratitude to my friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers who have supported me through the murder of my son Matthew Renken. Their prayers, thoughts, notes, calls and concern are deeply appreciated from Linda Renken and Nick Wackym 50.00

In honor of Noele and all the fantastic teachers at Serenity Now Yoga in Mt. Pleasant 25.00

Beautiful grandchildren, Magdalena, Gabriel, Isabelle, Marianne and The Flufanator 100.00

Cindy and Brian Clark 50.00

In honor of our grandchildren, Bill and Sharon Ungemach 50.00

Greg and Marnie Price 250.00

Louise Turrentine and Carolyn Ferrell 100.00

In honor of Bertha Frederick 300.00

In Honor of Addyson Elizabeth and Catherine Grace Crawford 100.00

Chisolm and Mollie Coleman 200.00

Cynthia and Harvey Greene 50.00

Dedicated Teachers of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties… Thank you! 25.00

In thanksgiving for Richard Leland Morrison Jr. 50.00

In thanksgiving for my aunts and uncles Mary Lou, Ann, Lynn, Gene and Melvin 250.00

In honor of the faculty and staff of Academic Magnet High School from the Alberg Family 100.00

In honor of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program, Hollings Cancer Center, from Tony Alberg and family 100.00

Keith U. Gordon 25.00

Jenna2DJto2013too!! toot to ALL! 200.00

All of our Heroes, VFW Post 10624 100.00

In honor of our grandsons John Erik and Coleman 100.00

Michael and Janis Davino 250.00

Palmetto Protection Products 30.00

Merry Christmas from Pat BB to all the needy people of Charleston! 200.00

The Krecklows 100.00

Love and Peace to all! 200.00

Bill Whitfield and Marcy Betzer of Sterling Enterprises 500.00

In honor of Elaine Bonner 500.00

In honor of Jerry and Tori Warren 50.00

In honor of Kenny and Nancy Warren 50.00

In honor of our incredible parents, Stan and Penny Wilson, with love from Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 100.00

In honor of George Hyams from his employees, Merry Christmas 400.00

Our dog, Sonny 50.00

In honor of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior 500.00

Curly, Lumpy and Tinkerbell 50.00

Davis Tree Company 500.00

In honor of Lisa, Sue, Janice and Candy 25.00

In honor of Leah, Donna, Edwina and Janie 25.00

In honor of Ginny, Stacey, Mary Jane, Kelly, Nancy and Amanda 25.00

Penny Hoey Photography 300.00

Bill and Sharon Asbill 200.00

In honor of our Loving Mother and Granny, Dianne P. White 100.00

For The Association for the Blind 500.00

For Star Gospel Mission 500.00

A Noni Mouse! 100.00

Ann Guerry Woods In honor of George Polk and Palmetto Fence Co. 400.00




















Art and Ellen Rooney 100.00

Hunter and Perry Harris 100.00

Richard Linder 100.00

LeGrand and Coty Guerry 100.00

In thanksgiving For Friends of Faith in the Field 100.00

Green Meadow Nursery, LLC 200.00

Josh and Betty Garvin 200.00


Mary H. Callahan 100.00

William H. and Patty Masche 25.00

Douglas and Susan Mellichamp 25.00

Helen K. Stasinis of Middletown, NY - The lovely mother of my wonderful neighbor Susan Windham 50.00

Our Precious son Jules 500.00

Dad and Joanne 100.00

Sweet Dixie and Coot Brown 100.00

The United States of America from CDS 50.00

Our wonderful grandparents Nancy and John Hawk and Sara and Roger Wilson always missed but never forgotten by Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 200.00

Mabel Boykin Proctor, Peter Edward Proctor, John Scott Boykin, Mildred Pinckney Boykin, George Dixon Kleckley, Florence Boykin Kleckley and Dr. Arnold Arthur Swanson 100.00

Mahé c’est moi. Joyeux Noël 25.00

William and Leona Baker and George and Maud Marlowe from Bill and Ruth Baker 350.00

My father Dr. Roberts S. Cathcart III and for Newtown Elementary School children and teachers 25.00

Kathryn Rivers, Louise, Alfred and “Affie” Dufour, Ella, Ford and Nell Rivers, Best buddy Julie and Beth Wieters 150.00

Dr. Julian T. Buxton Jr. a/k/a “HOTDADDY” your loving grandchildren Wallace, Walker, Leeza, Edward, Pearce, Lucy, Knox, Hughey and Julian 100.00

Our parents Joan and Ed Finnerty and sister Mary Ann Lilienthal, we love and miss you 100.00

James Petigru Lesesne, Helen McCrady Lesesne and Betsy Lesesne McAdams 50.00

Perry Metts Fant 50.00

Bud Lesesne “Head Kitty Cat in Charge” 10.00

My parents Ursula and Bob Kaiser, my niece Amanda Kaiser and my nephew Patrick Clarkin. Love and miss you, Robert 100.00

Thomas P. Lesesne III 100.00

Mae A. Clary, Miles Vernon Clary, James L. Rogers Jr. and Mary Kent Dean 50.00

Robbie Johnson, Chris Purvis, Richard Tucker and Jamie Richards 50.00

Thomas P. Lesesne and Annie B. Lesesne 50.00

Thomas P. Lesesne Jr., Emma L. Lesesne, Anne L. Pinckney and Betsy Lesesne McAdams 50.00

Our parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Lucille Graham and our late sister Ida McNeil from Noami, Lorraine, Samuel, Stella, Lucille, Debra, Cecelia and Gerald and all our other relatives and friends 100.00

Mary Lou and KB Graham 50.00

Joanny and Lowry Coe 50.00

Tommy and Joe, good friends and great teachers 50.00

Will Weston - A great father, brother and friend from The Sass Family 50.00

Donald Merrihew, Joanie Merrihew, Bob Davis, Ruth Davis and Linda Davis 300.00

Bonnie R. Parker 25.00

Pansy L. Brown 25.00

Jane B. Thrower 25.00

Our loved ones: Mary and John Ward, JW Ward III, George Fernau, Dr. Robert Paulling and Christopher Fleming. All our love Joanie and Richard Paulling 50.00

Happy Jett, John Van Dorsten, Bobby Jones, Eric Warrer, Chuck Seithel, Steve Moore, Trey Sanders, Charlie Ratledge, Price Oulla, Ryan Staubes, Michael Rawl, Peter Beck, Billy Richardson, Joshua Rosen, Tradd Gibbons, Dirk MacDowell, Joanathan Greer, Rusty Davidson, Jason Derrick, Johnathan Capps, Chris Spivey and Matthew Renken 50.00

Katherine Thomason, Millicent Bradsher, Julie Simonds, Burney Fair, Heidel Lentz, Leslie McCravy, Lizzy Fleming, Nancy Brown and Gayle McCaffrey 50.00

Eddie, Henry, Tigger, Gus, Nancy and Skeeter 100.00

David Spell from The #2 Birthday Club: CT, Rory, Robin and Joanie 50.00

My mother Edna Melton and my brother Jimmy Sanderlin 25.00

Lucy Peters. Love, Merrily and Buster 20.00

Jennifer Petit from Merrily and Buster 20.00

Hal Russell from Merrily and Buster 20.00

Myrna Flowers from Merrily and Buster 20.00

Our parents Richard and Bessie King and Josh and Lois Garvin 600.00

Charles W. Waring Jr., an inspiration for journalism with integrity 100.00

Costa, Herman, Harold and Tom - good friends gone 100.00

Our parents John and Allie Bridges and John and Stella Poupalos 100.00

My Daddy “Wing.” All my love, ME 100.00

Professor Harry Freeman, Carol Way, Vine Adams, Mike Fletcher, Ron Fowler, Sara Jo Freeman, Kent Freeman, Alan Hamilton, Peggy DieuxJean-Ton, Bubber Frampton, Steve Steinert, Bill Regan, Randall Heffron, Don Pounder, Alex Lofton, Lucas Smith, Warren Klutz, Wing Freeman, Frampton Freeman, Bob Bergman, Betty Long, Chuck Marquardt, Dick Condon, George Campsen, Ken Gillam, Pappy and Babby Locke, Ozzie and Mary Pope Freeman, Grandmama and Big Charlie Way, Mama and J.C. Long, C. Way, Albert Cory, Danny Mikell, Chuck Rhyne, Butler Dargan, Squeaky James, Kathy Miller, Nate Smith, Ray and Peggy Elam, Aunt Mary Louise, Uncle John, Uncle Lewis and Uncle Courtenay, George and Elizabeth Durst, Walter Ehrhardt, Hank Burn, Fred Johnson, Terry Cumbee, Charlie Scheppegrell, Colonel Sydney Crumpton, Barrett Larimore, Betty and Charlie Wannamaker, Lamar Wiley, Nancy Hawk, Ron Cutler, Ed Doherty, Nan Jenkins, Jeanne Smith, Adela Cook, Mary Ramsay, J. Palmer Gaillard, J. Wyman Frampton, DuPre Sassard, Moultrie Moore, Grandmarg and Jim Frampton 750.00

The Ark Angels: Charles “Scrib” and Jimmy Johnson, Little Joe Aldret, William Axson, Kenny Barrineau, Mimms Baxley, George and Gene Behlmer, Harold Bennett, Johnny Bishop, Abby and Gene Bolchoz, Buddy Bowen, Herman Bowick, John C. Calhoun, Roy Campbell, Louie Cateau, Mink Clair, Billy Clarey, Lloyd Clayton, Willie Cochran, Dick Condon, Chris Corontzes, George Creech, Bill Cronan, Amos and Ralph Curry, John Dennis, John Davenport, Harold and Pete Dupree, Frank Elliott, Bernie Firerson, Mike Galasso, Floyd, Patty and Frank Grayson, Wayne Goss, Rhett and Allen Grooms, Archie and Reynolds Jenkins, Tony Johnson, Harold Jones, Frank Jones, Maurice Hay, Warner Hetrick, Harold Hiott, Rudy Howell, Jake Leamond, Lou Erin, Pat Madden, Louise Mahaffey, Timmy McLaughlin, Tommy Mitchum, Charlie Moore, John Nash, Carl Nelson, Russell Nelson, Ottey Newton, Raymond Nolte, Artie Orvin, Austin Pauls, John Patrick, Rod Patterson, Pinky Pearson, Bernard Prox, Gary Pruitt, Berle and Cherry Pye, Dickie and Stevie Roberts, Jackie Ruff, Vernon Scott, Wayne Shannon, Leo Simard, Bobby Smith, Vincent Smith, Frank Soubeyroux, Walter Stafford, Herby Stienberg, Nathan Taylor, Rinky Thackery, Leon Walsh, Billy and Curley Walton, Chuck Warthal, Larry Weaver, Richard Wertz, Frankie White, Francis White, George “Stick” Witham, Larry Worthington and Tommy Yarborough ….Lady Ark Angels: Cecile Register, Shirley Simard, Barbara Tandon and Miss Anne Snyder….Recently deceased Ark Angels: Ira Solomon, Jimmy Thompson, Col. Harvey Dick and Mackie Schilling….From The Ark Lounge 1,160.00

My mother Ethel Hollingsworth Johnson 25.00

Willie Fabian 25.00

Wallace Trowell from Mrs. Amy U. Trowell 30.00

Charles and Catherine Bennett 50.00

Thomas A. Palmer Sr. 100.00

Harry Jr., Phyllis and Jeanne Rathbun 100.00

Martha Bergamo and Cecilia Kreitzer 150.00

Jack and Anne Marie 100.00

Our mom, Ann Adger Grimball, from Nan, Beth and Kip 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bryant, Jr. Love, Madeline and Sarah 25.00

Nathan Frank 10.00

My deceased relatives and my wife Tina Difiglio 30.00

My son, Will 25.00

My husband Joseph F. Juhos from Jeanne K. Juhos 50.00

Best Buddies, Harold Harken and Herbie Wilcox from Thad Mitchum 50.00

Julius Ray Ivester Sr. MD 100.00

Sarah Waring Toomer from J.M.H. 100.00

The students and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School from the Mason Prep Faculty and Staff 212.00

Jimmy Lee 100.00

The children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School 126.00

Bud Thomas - take one final bow. From Gus and Mel 10.00

Capt. Harrington, Capt. Leland, Buck Marlowe, Sam Campbell, Willy Weston, Henry Weathers, Henry Singleton, Clarence Felder, Chan Stroman, Jimmy Leland, Capt. Jimmy Scott and Frank Cherry 200.00

Bradley Richardson, Michael Storen and Steven Attaway 30.00

Sarah (Sally) Reynolds Fosberry sent by her BEHS Lunch Bunch friends 25.00

Departed members of the Bryan, Simons and Snowden families from Bill Bryan and Rhett Simons 100.00

Robert and Eleanor Frye, Pansy McKee, Ermel McKee 250.00

Ruth and Bill Snipes 50.00

Elliott Hutson, Allen and Virginia Sikkema with love from Hutson, Caroline and Allen 150.00

Dick Jones, Jack Reynolds, Walter Grooms, Evelyn Hulett and Frances Ott 50.00

James Ross and Maria Ogier Hanahan, William Ogier Hanahan, Elizabeth Lucas Hanahan, William Ogier Hanahan Jr., Maria Grayson-Metaxis and Mr. and Mrs. George Buist Lucas from Frances Gascoyne Hanahan 140.00

Minnie Tolson 25.00

Nancy Miles Durant 25.00

Dod Dog, With love from Mary Ellen, John and Sara Riley 300.00

Patricia Stewart, Phil Sensenbach and Franco for my dearest friend Karen Jones 50.00

Alton Sheppard, a wonderful father and beloved husband. You are greatly missed. 100.00

Patric Pinckney, former student 25.00

John Ehrenclou 25.00

Our grandparents William J. and Gladys G. Condon and John M. Slepetz from JH and Maggie 100.00

Fantail, Adah, Jack, Mary and GooGoo 100.00

Betsy McAdams and Adela Cook with love from the McAdams family 100.00

Annie McPherson and James W. Boyd, with love Robby, Jamie and Linda B. Puig 25.00

Furman Cole, Andy Watson, Steven Hewitt, Gene Drew, Frank Cherry and Dolores Coaxum 150.00

Bob Barson and Rich Squillace 40.00

Denise Duane Davis 50.00

Laverne Wilder, Forever in Our Hearts…Judith, Maggie and Helen Berlin 100.00

Our good friend Dan Donovan from Rik and Martha Snyder 300.00

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Locklair Jr. 30.00

Cason M. Reid 100.00

My father Gene Sidwell 50.00

Denny Gibson, Leonard, Billy and Byron Brown 100.00

Robert Hagood, Avram Sr. and Avram Kronsberg Jr. 100.00

Our parents Buzzy and Edna Bailey and Bud and Hortense Weaver 50.00

Julian, Ruth and Era Kay Parks, Vera and Ervin Taylor and Paul Jeffers 100.00

Emmy, Hildy, Eddie and Jack 25.00

My Dad Thomas L. Read 250.00

Mom and Dad 200.00

Bob and Dorothy Cudd from Connie Whitaker 200.00

Pauline Canfield and Jo Etta Latiolais 100.00

Tina Johnson Evans, mother of Robert and Ryan 100.00

Katie Stott by Stephen Stott and Mary Springer 200.00

The Sandy Hook Elementary School victims 50.00

Alice Morris by Jimmy and Chel Whaley 25.00

My Dad, Walter L. Montgomery 100.00

Jane Epps deWitt 50.00

Mark, our son and brother from Lois, Bob and Kelly 50.00

Lowry, Joanne, Anne, Ralph and Tommy 50.00

Harken Harold angels sing 10.00

Bubba and Norm 25.00

Our Father and Grandaddy, Francis D. White 100.00

Cullinans in memory of Gloria McGovern 100.00

Our loving mothers Sandra Judd and Joyce Tucker 150.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $82,454.13

PREVIOUS TOTAL $263,500.08

YEAR TO DATE $345,954.21