A blaze that started in a fireplace early this morning is a good reminder for some safety tips, according to the Charleston fire marshal.

Firefighters were sent to a house fire on Burning Tree Road shortly before 8 a.m. They found a smoldering fire under the floor of the dining room near the fireplace, according to Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh. Residents used the fireplace late at night and discovered the fire in the floor the next morning, he said.

Crews opened a section of the floor and walls to put out the blaze. No injuries were reported, but the two occupants were displaced because of smoke and fire damage to the house.

Fireplaces and heaters should be inspected by a professional at least annually to make sure they’re safe, Julazadeh said.

He also suggests installing smoke alarms on each floor and testing them monthly to make sure they’re working.

If residents use gas, oil or kerosene heaters or have attached garages, they should have a carbon-monoxide detector.

Finally, every family should create and practice a home-escape plan that includes a designated meeting place outside, Julazadeh said. Family members should know that once they leave a burning building, they should never go back inside for any reason, he said.