For the 21st year, the management and staff at Blackbaud Inc. have continued their generous holiday tradition of contributing to the Good Cheer Fund.

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Today, we are pleased to announce the receipt of this year's donation of $35,301 from Blackbaud employees and the company itself.

This generous gift brings Blackbaud's 21-year total to a staggering $545,696.77 to help the less fortunate in the community.

According to Blackbaud president and CEO Marc E. Chardon, service to others is very much a part of the company's history, is at the heart of everything it does, and can been seen, in particular, in its employees' dedication to their communities and work.

“Nonprofit organizations around the United States are doing their very best to meet the need for assistance in their communities,” Chardon said. “Our local organizations are no different. They extend our community's helping hand to those among us who need it the most. While many still go without food, shelter and clothing, we are reminded every day of how fortunate we are. I am especially proud to work with the wonderful people at Blackbaud, who understand the importance of giving back to the communities we call home. We hope this donation helps the six recipient organizations deliver more of the critical services they provide to our most vulnerable citizens.

“We may never meet those who have been helped through this gift, yet we truly understand the power of giving and the difference nonprofit organizations make in their communities each and every day.”

Chardon also would like to recognize the employees of Blackbaud for their annual support of the Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots drive. Last week, he had the honor of announcing this year's donation of 4,981 toys for children all over the world.

Blackbaud's generosity is very much appreciated, but even the smallest donation can help someone in need.

There is still time to give this year. Donations received by 11 a.m. today will be included in the Christmas Day paper. Contributions received by 11 a.m. Friday will be included in the final 2012 accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be aplied toward the 2013 Good Cheer Fund.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, S.C. 29403-4800.

Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


Blackbaud Inc. 35,301.00

In honor of Mary Harken from Ricky 50.00

S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Staff 235.00

Donald and Bernadette McCune 50.00

As part of our 26 Random Acts of Kindness and in honor of grandsons Ryan and Jack Henske from Dick and Peggy Vashina 100.00

Ladies Golf Association of Shadowmoss 448.00

In honor of my sons, Lee and Stark, and granddaughter Daniella from Gayle Shapleigh 100.00

Martha Teichner 100.00

St. Catherine's Guild: Church of the Holy Communion 50.00

The Memminger High School Class of 1946 46.00

Bernese Carr and PaPa 25.00

Max and Kathleen McDuffie 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren: John Henry Foy and Charlie Foy 100.00

In honor of my brother and his wife, Henry and Cindy Garrison 50.00

In honor of my nephew and his family, Grae and Laura Garrison and family: Lené, James, Brandt and Kaelyn 50.00

In honor of my nephew Shaun Garrison 50.00

In honor of my niece and her husband, Leigh and Matthew Trotter 50.00

In honor of my daughter and her husband, Rena and Bobby Mundy 50.00

In honor of my daughter and her husband, Elaine and John Wiegman 50.00

Quis Qui Auxiliary, Past and Present 100.00

The Rev. Harry and Peggy Hill 100.00

In honor of Margaret Mary 20.00

Barbara and Frank Walsh 100.00

In honor of our parents, Charles and Olivette Smith, with love Maureen and Dee 25.00

In honor of our children: Betty, Howard and George 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren: Shawn, Stacey, Tracy, Jessica, Kayla, Alex, Christine, Carrol and Christopher 100.00

In honor of our great-grandchildren: Kristen, Jake, Gavin, Atticus, Amelia, James, Andon and Avery 100.00

In gratitude for Nonnie, Sledge Hammer,Billie Burke, Happy and Man Baby 200.00

For the Blessings of our 15: W, A, M, K, W, A, ME, C, MW, SR, H, J, CW, A and L 150.00

In honor of my mother, Mae Mitchum Chandler 150.00

Jim and Susan Brinkley 300.00

James Hitchings 150.00

Haley Stier; in appreciation of her loyal customers 150.00

In honor of Colleen and Bucky Morris and their family, from Ann and David Morris 100.00

In honor of Pam and Miles Hanckel and their family, from Ann and David Morris 100.00

Our nieces and nephews: BB, Scott, Elly, Granger and Caldwell 50.00

The Webbers 25.00

In honor of Aidan and Avery 50.00

In honor of Lara and Amelia from Karen and Richard Karam 25.00

Seacoast 100k Gifts 25.00

Sue King and Peter Kalivas 300.00

In His name 100.00

Ed and Jo Clem 100.00

North Charleston USDA Service Center 125.00

Carolina Coaster Company 100.00

Jeffrey and Emilia Clair Akhtar, Erica Anderson 100.00

In honor of our children, Justine and Will 200.00

Waccamaw Light Artillery 100.00







Mike, Linda and Julia Miller 100.00