Ask for mercy

What can we do now?

We can pray for our government.

As my father used to say, it’s as plain as the nose on your face — put God back in America. America belongs to God, always has and always will.

Government has allowed God to be taken out of our schools, and taken Christ out of Christmas.

What next?

Why do they ask God to bless America at the end of their speeches?

They have put him out.

It is past time for us to ask God to have mercy on America. We sure need it. Prayer is the answer.

Juanita S. Baldwin

Shark Hole Road


Holiday spirit

On Dec. 15, we witnessed a Christmas miracle. Twenty-two families of children coping with cancer, who were in jeopardy of not having any gifts this holiday, arrived at our Courageous Kidz office as selfless strangers delivered trucks full of Christmas gifts for them. Talk about the holiday spirit.

The energy level here was through the roof. So much joy, love, generosity and gratefulness! It was life changing for everyone involved.

The Charleston Elves are a group of charitable individuals who generously commit themselves to ensuring that children with cancer (and their siblings) have the holiday of a lifetime.

Each year, the Charleston Elves partner with Courageous Kidz, our non-profit organization that provides events and financial aid throughout the year for children with cancer and their families. Each “elf” selects one or more children and provides them with the Christmas of a lifetime.

With the economy as it is, and the endless medical bills and other financial burdens these families face, there would have been little way for many to give their children anything for the holiday. Imagine being a child and having no Christmas presents.

Thank goodness for our angels, the Charleston Elves.

This year, the Charleston Elves adopted 50 children — Courageous Kidz and their siblings. These children went from the devastating prospect of not having a Christmas to having a Christmas beyond their wildest imaginations.

All of us at Courageous Kidz are incredibly grateful that such a wonderful group as the Charleston Elves chooses every year to help us fulfill our mission of providing these cancer children and families the magic of hope.

To learn more about the Charleston Elves, please visit their website at You can find out more about Courageous Kidz and our mission at

It is going to be a wonderful holiday season for us here at Courageous Kidz. We hope yours is just as blessed and magical.

Tara Abbott

Director of Development

Courageous Kidz

Old Dominion Drive


No easy answers

In a Dec. 19 letter to the editor, the writer expressed hope that the Newtown tragedy will inspire the government to put God back in our schools.

He doesn’t specify how, but presumably he believes this should take the form of mandatory school-sponsored prayer and Bible study.

Or perhaps he wants the government to legislate that schools dump Darwin in favor of teaching creationism in science classes. That would put God back in the schools.

I’m sure that we could all then forget about gun control and treatment of mental illness because with God back in the schools, He certainly wouldn’t allow any more heinous acts like what we witnessed in Newtown. Right?

But wait.

On second thought, what about school shootings before school prayer was banned?

A quick web search shows more than 20 school shootings in the 1950s alone, just in the USA.

I was in school in the 1950s, and we prayed — God was in our schools.

Perhaps we are being a little too critical of God, suggesting that He knew that He wasn’t wanted in our schools, became angry and decided not to intervene in the Newtown massacre. That doesn’t sound like the loving God that I know.

My omniscient, omnipotent and loving God would know what was going to happen, would have the power to stop it from happening and would want to prevent the slaughter of innocent children who had nothing to do with legislation and court rulings about prayer in schools.

Jerry Martin

Commonwealth Road

Mount Pleasant

Safer roads needed

I have to respond to the Dec. 21 letter to the editor regarding better roads for Johns Island.

As a resident of Seabrook Island, I find it offensive when those who don’t live or work here constantly blame the residents of Kiawah and Seabrook islands for wanting something no one seems to think we have a right to expect.

We pay taxes in Charleston County just like everyone else on Johns Island, and we pay a much larger amount proportional to our population.

We are not the only people to use these roads. There are hundreds of local residents who work on Seabrook and Kiawah, and hundreds more who live here and have to commute daily off the island.

All of us deserve safer roads. That does not necessarily mean building a four-lane highway or cutting down every live oak on the island.

Regardless of where you live on John’s Island, your only means of egress and ingress are River and Bohicket roads. Neither of them is safe. Both of them are death traps.

Each year the live oaks bordering these roads grow bigger and infringe on the already limited roadway. There are very few adequate shoulders.

It is to everyone’s benefit to build a safer means of accessing Johns Island, or, at the very least, find a way to improve our existing roads.

Isn’t it worth it to sacrifice a few trees and a few acres of land if it means saving a few lives?

Denise Doyon

Baywood Drive

Seabrook Island